If you were to date yourself what would annoy you the most?

If you were to date yourself what would annoy you the most?

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  1. How picky I am about liking tv shows and movies. I’ve started so many shows and quit after three or so episodes because something annoys me or there is a trope of some kind

  2. That i absolutely hate half-knowledge and i dont bother to correct anyone who gets something wrong. I hate when i do that and i do it all the time.

  3. 1. I cough/spit a lot. I have a lot of phlegm.
    2. I’m a bit of a spazz and can be impatient.
    3. I suck at planning things, or events.
    4. I can be a bit demanding or order people around.
    5. etc

  4. Every time I try to tell a funny story Other Me is like “Oh, I did that too!” Then we sit in silence because we have nothing unique to talk about.

  5. i can only base this off of the input of others.

    my high sex drive is the number one issue that annoys my SOs and one of the reasons i only have open relationships.

    the second issue that is brought up is that i dont get overly emotional and never participate in negative emotions. yes, my SOs get frustrated that i never get mad, upset, depressed, anxious, frustrated or angry.

    third and this ties in with the second is i dont participate in heated arguments or fights. if you want to calmly and rationally discuss an issue i will be fully present but if you start yelling and or becoming physical i simply walk away.

    would these things annoy me? probably not because i dont give over to negative emotions.

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