If you witnessed someone shoplift something. What item would you turn a blind eye to?

If you witnessed someone shoplift something. What item would you turn a blind eye to?

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  1. I used to work at a place that had a gift shop, the most common things kids stole were the little rock and mineral things. The parents would normally try to return them and have the kids apologize. I would reward them for being honest by letting them keep it. Honestly I didn’t care if they took them or not because we had thousands of them.

  2. People seem to think that if people are stealing diapers, baby food, baby formula, etc. that they must be a poor parent when that couldn’t be farther from the truth.

    Boosters (people who make a living from shoplifting popular items, then reselling them to other businesses/online/other places). Baby items are often very expensive and also always in demand. There’s a small chance that it might be a struggling parent.

  3. tampons. i worked at a Costco and sometimes i’d notice a tampon box was tampered with because somebody needed a tampon and stole one. never cared cause yeah… i get it.

  4. I saw a lady trying to steal some breads and biscuits. I reached to her and asked what she needed and i would try to help.

    She started crying saying that it was for her kid and she didn’t had any form of income. I was around 30 years.

    Spent around 100€, we lunched after to calm her down and she didn’t knew how to thank me.

    Since she was around her 40 ish and based on the conversation that we had i took her phone number. Later i spoke with my parents and we managed to get her a job as a house cleaner. Fast forward 10 years I’m 40 now and she still with us. She is family now and her son is going to university. Plus, we are quite good friends.

    I’m glad i payed for her stuff because my family got bigger.

    And now I’m crying just for reminding me of all the story. I’m fucking greatefull for everything.

  5. Anything stolen from a megacorporation like Walmart or Target. Stealing from one of them is actually probably a community service.

    Any food or necessities stolen from pretty much anywhere.

    I think about the only the only thing I would rat someone out is stealing from a local family owned store something that isn’t needed.

  6. An entire cart full of party supplies. They walked out with it like it was nothing. I just didn’t care, the business is bound to go out soon anyways (party city)

  7. Any period products. You need baby stuff? You chose to have a kid (in most cases) medicine that can be reached by a customer? You’ll be uncomfortable for a bit. Contraceptives? Don’t have sex. But women don’t choose to have periods but they need products. Even if not free they shouldn’t be taxed

  8. For most big corpo places, you’re being seen and being judged based on appearance by their “asset protection”, so regardless of me witnessing anything you’re more than likely been seen in the act; whether they can 100% stop you for your theft is based on if they can prove you stole something

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