If you’d be observed by your 10-year-old self, what would they be most disappointed and most proud about your present self?

If you’d be observed by your 10-year-old self, what would they be most disappointed and most proud about your present self?

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  1. They’d be let down that I have standard desk job. But damn, my 10 year old self would be beaming proud of the size and how well organized my Lego collection has become.

  2. She would just be glad I’m alive and breathing. She would be glad to see I’m surrounded now by people who love me and hug me every day. I don’t think she’d be disappointed at all.

  3. He would love what I can do with a guitar, bass, and drums. He wouldn’t believe the songwriter he becomes.

    He also wouldn’t believe what depression can make a person capable of doing and not doing, and he would be horrified to know what started two decades of it for his future self happens his very next year. He would know to get all the quality time with aunt Jackie in that he could before her anuerysm rocks our entire family in irreversible ways.

  4. Probably wouldn’t be too happy about my health situation, but would have mad respect for my console collection, my Lego sets & all my other collectable things.

  5. Disappointed that I never follow my dreams anymore.
    Proud that I choose not to follow my dreams because I work so hard to look after my mom. Following my dreams would involve being less available to look after her.

  6. Disappointed because I didn’t kill myself or start exercising when I hit 300 lbs. Proud that at least my apartment is awesome and I have lots of animals and good money.

  7. I think he’d be impressed with my job (field engineer, camera for a news channel), that my wife is hot, and my dog is awesome. He’d probably bust my chops for being slightly overweight, not living in a haunted castle, and not being best friends with Jake The Snake Robert.

  8. My ten year old self would be super proud of how strong we got, and that we have a whole room room for gaming.

    He’d be disappointed about the fact that we never became a soccer superstar though.

  9. I used to think about this a lot. Frankly, I would not care about any of the judgements of my 10 year old self. We simply have no clue what life is going to throw at us, especially decades down the road. Gratefulness for being alive is what I’d hope to feel.

  10. He would probably ask what the fuck he was doing on Reddit answering a question on Reddit that has already been asked about 17 thousand fucking times in various different forms

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