If your plane crashed on an island, what would your role be among the survivors?

If your plane crashed on an island, what would your role be among the survivors?

What do you think?


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  1. Whatever was needed. I adapt fairly well. If nobody was the leader type I would take that over. If someone was, and I needed to be supporting cast in one way or another, I would.

  2. I would immediately begin to establish myself in a leadership role. Not because I’m some kind of survival expert, but because my extensive leadership experience as an Army medic and my years in management roles have given me some great skills in that area.

    I would split the survivors into several groups:

    – Group 1 finds casualties and moves them to a treatment area. I’ll stay with this group to perform triage and direct medical treatment

    – Group 2 finds medical supplies. Once they’ve found everything they can, they’ll combine with Group 3

    – Group 3 gathers and inventories all of our food, drinking water, clothing, and misc. supplies.

    – Group 4 is a scouting party. They search the area for signs of civilization, water sources, food sources, and shelter sites

    – Group 5 is a two-person team with the most tech/comm backgrounds who will search for a way to signal for help electronically

    That will cover the first 5 hours or so. After that, I’ll reorganize the groups to fulfill our main priorities in this order:

    – creating shelter (depending on the climate, situation, and season, this could get moved lower)

    – finding or creating a source of clean water

    – preparing a signal fire

    – finding a source of food (if none, this priority turns into preserving corpses so that they can be eaten)

  3. Sadly, probably comic relief. as an accountant, I would be useless, and I do not have a green thumb at all, and I suck at cooking. I can bake pretty good, but who’s gonna bake a cake on a deserted island? come on man!

  4. you mean before confidentiality integrity, or after? before: help build it. after: kill everyone so i can eat more.

    you are evil incarnate. you ruined my life. i now understand what the devil is.

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