In all seriousness, what evidence or act do you realistically think it would take the MAGA crowd to turn on Donald Trump?

In all seriousness, what evidence or act do you realistically think it would take the MAGA crowd to turn on Donald Trump?

What do you think?

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  1. Well Trump got booed at one of his rallies for encouraging people to get vaccinated, so it is possible for him to fall out of their graces, even momentarily.

  2. Frankly I think its complicated because there are MAGA people who dont want Trump specifically, but want someone exactly like Trump… So even if his followers lose faith in him specifically, the movement and veneration of him or essentially a person acting as an idol shaped like him will continue.

    For Donald Trump specifically, I have no idea. He has done and admitted to doing basically everything he’s been accused of. He attempted the Russia thing in 2016, he tried to bribe Ukraine, he did the sharpie hurricane thing, he was behind jan 6, he gassed those protesters, suggested nuking a hurricane, lied about Covid – and none of that stuff has turned some people away.

    I once asked a relative of mine about how he could support a man who was the antithesis of everything his faith teaches and he replied “well sometimes god uses bad people to do good things.” How do you even respond to that really?

  3. Nothing. There’s a reason why people call it the Cult of Donald Trump. His following is literally fanatical in their belief of him and would justify or erode any negative against him.

    Oh the fbi raid showed a bunch of CP hidden in trump’s safe? Obviously it was planted.

    Trump shot a guy in the street? Obvious it was an antifa assassin looking to kill him.

    Trump said it’s good to vaccinate? Oh he just was forced to say that by the liberals.

    These are people who even when trump votes for policies that devastate their economies. Destroy their lives. They choose to still side with him. Outside of him dying, they aren’t going to stop following him. And even then they will still remain fanatical about him.

  4. I don’t think they would turn on him per se, but I could see them moving on to nominate DeSantis in 2024 because he’s got pretty much the same politics in a younger, more polished package.

  5. I still find morbid amusement in remembering that Trumps entire campaign and presidency stems from him being mad that the liberal elite wouldn’t invite him to parties because hes awful. You can look it up, hes ranted about feeling like a black sheep among the ultra wealthy and not being invited to clinton parties anymore.

    I kinda get the impression they are already turning on him slowly, not because of anything meaningful but because he never delivered on his promises to protect the jan 6th rioters or to lock up democrats. I think thats the turning point. When they lose interest because hes not some god emperor who will cradle them in his worm-like embrace.

  6. This is a cult now and unfortunately with cults it can take a lot of deep psychological efforts to break from that. It really does seem he could stand on Fifth Avenue and shoot people and he wouldn’t lose any votes. So really by this time if someone hasn’t disembarked the Trump Train, they’re not getting off now

  7. He’d pretty much have to declare himself a Democrat to accomplish that. Or consistently attack one of the primary planks of the Republican/Conservative party.

  8. It depends on who we are talking about here my dad stopped supporting him after the grab them by the pussy comment. I stopped at the guns comment where he talked of taking away guns without due process. The people that are left are the bare bones guys and gals who will probably never stop supporting him.

  9. Trump is an idea, for them he came at the right time and was the savior that would fight their fight.
    They would either need someone more relatable, or trump would need to be proven to not be their savior.

  10. Those people are absolutely ridiculous. He could get caught on Live television SAing a woman and they’d ignore it. Same with the Democrat and Joe Biden.

  11. As soon as they realize he’s not going to run for President again they will rally around someone else. Right now he’s the guy who they think can defeat Biden, as soon as that changes it’ll end very quickly. Other than that, anything he does will be ignored.

  12. All he would have to do is start acting “woke” and espousing liberal philosophies on race relations and open acceptance of all in the LGBTQIA+ community. If he did a little liberal-style language policing, that would drive them insane. If he kissed AOC on the cheek, they would go bananas.

    I am pretty firm in my belief that there is no crime, violent or otherwise, or moral indiscretion he could commit that would turn them.

  13. It’s simple brainwashing. He says everything they want to hear. Says that people are going to tell them they’re wrong and to not believe it. And that it’s either us or them. Hitler did the same thing.

    Also I do not compare the atrocities of Hitler to Donald Trump. A lot of people do, but seriously nothing Donald Trump has ever done is a heinous as that. I compare the way Trump accumulated a following based on lies to Hitler because it’s pretty standard stuff and is an example everyone is familiar with.

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