In Denmark the healthcare is almost free, which means the doctors and hospitals are paid for by the government through the taxes that is paid. So the question is: what do you think about the idea of free healthcare paid through your taxes?

In Denmark the healthcare is almost free, which means the doctors and hospitals are paid for by the government through the taxes that is paid. So the question is: what do you think about the idea of free healthcare paid through your taxes?

What do you think?

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  1. I support it. Healthcare should be a universal right not a privilege afforded to the few.

    I have had people complain saying “Yeah well you say that now but you’re gonna have to pay for it!.”

    Is that so wrong? I mean I am helping my fellow human being out so they can afford a life threatening surgery without going into poverty. If that means I pay more on taxes so that person can have more time to play with his 4 year old daughter I’ll gladly do it.

  2. I think it’s a very good, reasonable use of taxpayer money, and people objecting because they don’t want ‘their’ money helping ‘deadbeats’ that ‘don’t deserve it’ should grow up.

  3. Canada enjoys free health care. Don’t listen to all the bs about long wait times. If you get sick you won’t get sicker when opening your wallet or go bankrupt with a long term illness.

  4. I think we need to return to this model but in order to do that, we have to

    1. Reform the shit out of the system and change whatever hasn’t been changed since the dictatorship days
    2. Remove all those “market economy” aspects of the healthcare that we were stupid enough to implement under the advice of the American consultants that came to advice the government in the 90s after the dictatorship collapsed

    In any case, I would think that a better approach would be the hybrid system of Germany, where people have a two-pillar healthcare: the public one funded via taxes which are then used to fund hospitals and clinics and a private addition that provides coverage in private clinics and entities which is also legally required to funnel portion of the funds collected but left unused into hospitals.

  5. It’s better option than going bankrupt like in US, but it’s no secret that people still use private health care services just to get actually something done because ordering expensive stuff like MRI scan isn’t that easy to get in public health care side, and that is why I personally have a bit lack of trust with GPs.
    You say your chest hurts and it’s difficult to breath -> Diagnosis: Chest pain, go home and rest, take some pain killers.
    You say your head hurts and your vision is getting worse -> Diagnosis: Headache, go home and rest, take some pain killers.
    You say hurt your finger when it got stuck between some gears and it’s now getting dark blue -> Diagnosis: Big bruised finger, go home and rest, take some pain killers.

    At least in US they try to figure out the problem because that is expensive so they can milk you from your money, but at least you get something else than few pain killers.

  6. I absolutely hate it

    When I am working hard as F and paying taxes, keeping myself healthy working out and exercising, eating healthy so I can keep myself away from any sickness and health issues, Bob and Mary down the street is smoking, taking drugs and eating junk food 24/7 and then use my hard earn money to pay for their medical fee when they never put a penny back into the system because they never worked a day in their life.

    So no I don’t like this and luckily my country doesn’t have this either and I will always vote against whoever politician supporting that

  7. In the US the two main sides, that I see anyways, are universal or ancap. At least we see several countries with universal today to compare to whereas the ancap has that time in our history before health insurance was introduced.

  8. This system has its flaws.
    It’s not only Denmark but most of the EU countries. I can’t speak for Denmark but in other countries, this entire system could be a pain to handle unless you go to the ER with a real life-threatening situation.

    For example, if your back hurts, you need to go and see your local doctor and he will refer you to a specialist based on your symptoms.

    Scheduling an appointment with your local doctor, and then one with the specialist could be a 10-15 days thing, depending on how busy their schedules are. In addition to that, most of the big private medical centers will have a monthly pre-set budget for “free consultations” which are basically the ones covered by the “free” healthcare, which means you might not be able to schedule a consultation until the next month unless you are willing to pay for it, which makes it not that free.

    Again, this only applies to regular, non-ER procedures.

  9. It’s a genius idea. Most countries have some sort of universal healthcare system, which clearly seems to work for them. My folks and I have actually considered moving to Canada in part because the American healthcare system is shit. I don’t know why it’s shit, you’d think with how competitive the U.S claims to be, we’d be fighting to have the number one system in the world, but we really don’t because apparently the biggest threat right now is female body autonomy and the idea that kids are being “indoctrinated in public schools” by learning actual history.

  10. Only the US would have a hard time dealing with it. They have VERY expensive advertisers who pour tons of cash into making sure people believe a system like that would immediately cripple the entire nation and leave nothing but pure bedlam afterwards where, somehow we’re “just like venezuela”.

    So we kinda have to put up with those clods over here and that’s why this is so hard to tackle. Those advertisers have been going hard on these same topics for decaaaades. Their viewers have been watching for decaaaaaades.

  11. Australia, NZ, Canada, the UK, Ireland, most of Western and Northern Europe all do it…so did the USSR and the Warsaw Pact countries.

    None of that commie nonsense in the Land of the Free, though. I ain’t lettin’ nobody tell me I gotta pay for other peoples’ shit! I got my own shit I gotta pay for – I gotta get a second mortgage to pay for my kid’s rehab after their bullet wound!

  12. fuck yeah. prices here are inflated only to profit insurance, so it wouldnt be that much more on taxes, and how the fuck is the right to survive not one of our fundamental freedoms?

  13. These discussions usually get drowned out by the loudest voices, who claim “doctors will get paid the minimum wage” and “if a doctor works under the state it means you can knock on his door any time of night and demand he treat you” as well as getting to the crux of it with “I don’t want my money to go towards treating anybody but me. What if it treats lazy people?”

    Ultimately with lower tax the citizen feels they have more control over where their money is spent to improve their life individually. That said, they’ll probably find their public services still suck and their money can’t actually buy a better school, doctor, insulin etc as it’s either unavailable or catastrophically expensive. Suddenly the individualist plan that sounded so good on paper isn’t working out, but because it isn’t, you have no faith that paying more tax will result in better public services.

  14. The Rich in America spend millions funding Politicians who will block Free Universal Healthcare. The goal of the Rich is to not pay any taxes. All these corrupt politicians in Congress have great Healthcare. They work for the Rich not the American people. Billionaires in the US don’t pay any taxes. It’s disgusting.

  15. It’s uhhhh, kind of what a lot of us have been fighting for for a long time. But there’s a bunch of people that think that that will make us communists or some stupid shit.

  16. Illegal immigrants aren’t covered, and EVERYONE making over 50,000 DKK ($7200) pays income tax. And VAT (value added tax on almost ALL goods AND services) is 25%. And their medical malpractice claims are handled by teams of medical experts, not juries who love to penalize the evil corporations.

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