In the constant onslaught of life, where do you find happiness?

In the constant onslaught of life, where do you find happiness?

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  1. Ever since I broke and dislocated my arms when I was a teen I had to quit sports (mainly hockey and baseball). I played competitively throughout Ontario, Canada. Since then I get depression, especially in the winter. One thing that keeps me going is knowing that spring is around the corner and there will be some camping and fishing once again. I moved to BC a couple of years back and the wilderness is amazing. South Ontario didnt have this kind of sruff. There is always a new spot to go in the BC wilderness. Its literally a breath of fresh air. I dont make much money but camping is mostly free. Just food, beer, couple of pre rolls and fishing gear. That keeps me happy. I like being alone in the middle of a small lake surrounded by 100ft tall beutiful pines listening toIthe loons. It keeps me going

  2. my significant other. I think it’s important to have someone who takes your mind of things when things get rough


    but when I didnt have one, I just did what I enjoyed, whether it be hiking, poetry, gaming, etc. I just had to keep my mind busy and distracted

  3. Helping others for no reason other than to help.

    Like today I got out of my truck to help another driver fold up the tarp he had over his load. I didn’t have too, and he wouldn’t have been upset if I hadn’t. There was no benefit for me to help him, I just decided to help cause it was freezing, and figured it would help him get out of the cold sooner.

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