In the United States we have “The South” and all its associated stereotypes. International redditors, what is “The South” of your country, and why?

In the United States we have “The South” and all its associated stereotypes. International redditors, what is “The South” of your country, and why?

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  1. The south-est part of my country is an island. It is infamous for its shepherds raping their goats, its vendettas, its illegal gun ownership (and use in the form of murder) and its delicious food.

    P.S. At this point it’s not even stereotypes, just the sad reality of things.

  2. German here. The south for us is Bavaria.
    Basically all the typical stereotypes about Germans are actually the same stereotypes Germans have for Bavarians.
    We tend to refer to them as their own kingdom (or at least their own country).
    The origin of this cut lies in their history, or so I believe. They were their own country with unchanged borders for a very long time, so they developed a national pride like nobody else.

  3. Brit here. We have a long and chequered internal history, so each region of the country has stereotypes about the others. Some of them align (everyone agrees the Welsh are not to be trusted alone with sheep, and folk from Norfolk have a worrying lack of diversity in their surnames).

  4. South of Italy is literally something else than northern italian.
    Souther are way similar to the italian stereotypes,
    Northern people are often more serious and precise (not overall but compared to south)

  5. Canada has Newfies from Newfoundland and French from Quebec. Both groups never enslaved other people, raped them, stole their labor, made them an underclass, or created an evil caste system while bashing their bibles on everyone else. Sorry mate, your South is incomparable to any civilized country. You have my sympathy but please keep your distance.

  6. Heh, depend on specifically where in the south but overall the south in France is associated with people being more laid back, being loud and sort-of dramatic, having a strong southern accent and overall drinking a lot.

    If you go into it more specifically, people living around the french riviera (south east, city like [Nice]( ) are steretotyped as a bit extravagant/pretending a lot to be rich and hypocritical.

    People in [Marseille]( are stereotyped as drinking a lot of pastis (anise flavored alcohol) , having a very strong accent, exagerrating a lot, hating Paris because of the rivalry between football teams

    Those are of course stereotypes and not everyone fit them, but overall they are not a far stretch from the truth and that’s why I never really liked living in the south

  7. I’m currently traveling in Alaska. It’s my understanding that the “Mat-Su Valley” is akin to the south of Alaska. The Matanuska-Susitna valley is a little ways north of Anchorage, Alaska’s biggest city, and definitely has some… interesting characters. I’ve read in /r/Alaska a few references to “valley trash,” and since I didn’t want to get the story wrong here, I just looked it up. Apparently that term was popularized by a state senator. Someone in the valley emailed the senator and called him “a whore,” and so he fired back by calling her valley trash. It sparked quite a bit of backlash, and so the mayor of Wasilla —a town in the valley, which I’ve heard is the epitome of valley trash, and the home of Sarah Palin— invited the senator “to experience valley pride at its finest.” Kind of reminds me of the term “southern pride…”

    >They had planned to pick [Senator] Stevens up at the airport in a stretch Hummer, “to show him we aren’t a bunch of hicks.”

    [Here’s the full article.]( Because a Hummer limo is just the pinnacle of class…

    So yeah, it’s part of the US, but Alaskan culture is definitely a bit unique compared to the lower 48. Granted I’m just a tourist, so take all this with a grain of salt, but I’m fairly confident in my understanding of it all.

  8. Southern Brazil. There are rural areas, still in dispute between small settlers and the agribusiness, and a lot of people in those areas have guns. They have some controversial conservatives there as well and they are the fiercest supporters of our far right government.

    Maybe center-west Brazil would also be a good candidate. Deeply rural, with a lot of gun violence. And our most conservative regions are also borrowing a lot of extreme christianism in a format that kinda resembles the style of preaching and mixing politics and religion we see in conservative parts of the US. Our conservatives are even in contact with US conservatives and are incorporating a lot of the discourse in our political landscape.

    We don’t have the kind of culinary prowesses we see on southern US stereotypes tho. And still our gun culture is puny compared to the US stereotype, but if it’s up to our president we’re getting there.

  9. Most countries don’t utilize the north, south system, we just have cities. You don’t refer to the south side or the north side, you just say the city’s name.

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