In your opinion, what TV show had the most satisfying ending?

In your opinion, what TV show had the most satisfying ending?

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  1. Parks and Recreation

    The show itself is filled with such joy and healthy optimism. It only makes sense for the finale to show a happily ever after for everyone Leslie comes into contact with. I especially loved how Ron Swanson’s happy ending was just him canoeing in a national park with Buddy by Willie Nelson as the soundtrack.

  2. “I treasure a remark to my grandson who asked, ‘Grandpa were you a hero in the war?’ Grandpa said ‘No. … But I served in a company of heroes.’”

  3. Blackadder Goes Forth

    The ending of a comedy set in WWI trenches to end with everyone dying after going over the wall is both sobering and satisfying.

  4. Yeah, I agree with you. Hopefully they finish the story some day because I loved it. Also, I wish the ‘dog’ had been a robot like in the books.

    Oh, and Cas Anvar really fucked up a good thing which bummed me out considering his ending in the books.

  5. M*A*S*H, still the greatest final episode in TV history.

    It made it clear that nobody would be the same after the war. Winchester couldn’t love music like he had before without being reminded of the war. Father Mulcahy lost his hearing as a result of the war. Hawkeye lost some of his sanity. Margaret had to lose her self-reliance and realize that it is okay to accept help. Potter had to lose his beloved horse, which was his #1 way to stay sane. BJ had to learn to say goodbye. And, of course, Klinger had to give up his dream of leaving Korea at least for the foreseeable future.

    There are times (most times for me) when being in the military totally sucks. Living in deplorable conditions, spending 24 hours a day with the same people; working, playing, and sleeping together with people you like and people you hate. Missing your family and loved ones. Yet, when you have to separate, the feeling of loss is like nothing else that I have experienced in civilian life.

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