In your opinion, what’s wrong with the world?

In your opinion, what’s wrong with the world?

What do you think?

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  1. Too much talking, not enough listening. Everyone is so entrenched to their own preconceived beliefs that they can’t possibly consider an alternative viewpoint. In fact, it has gotten so bad that it is easier to condemn someone as a fascist or communist without listening to the potentially valid viewpoints that might run counter to their own. Sadly, this is commonplace from the highest levels of government to social media. If we do not challenge our assumptions and at least be willing to hear the other side out, we are doomed.

  2. People used to be able to check a different box on the ballot and not automatically hate each other for it. I just want that back, honestly. Try to see how we’re all alike rather than constantly looking at how we’re different. Finding common ground could be what saves us

  3. Oh. Uhm, there’s a lot of issues but ultimately it’s about the huge, huge problem we all have with power: very few people in history were able to handle power without letting it get to their head and making them go crazy. Yk?

  4. Human nature.

    A person is good, generally. The majority of people, on their own, are okay normal folk. Not good or bad in any major respect. They’re fine. Then you have smaller portions that are maybe evil or bad, and smaller portions at the other end who are great and amazing.

    However, people… en masse? They devolve to the lowest common denominator. The “mob rule” as it were.

    And society has way too many people chasing all the wrong things. More and more, you see people disregarding good character, peaceful morality, just following the social contract and doing the “right thing” overall. People disregard that more and more for materialistic gains at any cost.

    And the problem is, society does reward that. The most cutthroat and ambitious of us, they can and will get ahead and get the material goods. You can sell your soul and achieve earthly gains at the cost of being a terrible person.

    And I’m not just talking about money, not just talking about business. Although that’s a major problem. It even has filtered down to more silly nonsense. Like social media and people doing such stupid and dangerous shit just to get a video of it and post it for likes and shares. There is a real “race to the bottom” of depravity and soulless acts because those outrageous things get way more clout or whatever… rather than treating people with respect and courtesy.

    Idk. Just some things I notice. Is it all bad? Of course not! The world has plenty of good like I said above. But that’s not the OP question. The OP question was “what is wrong” and I think it’s the above.

  5. The meaning and value of things has either come down or nil.

    There is no respect.

    People don’t have time for family or themselves.

    People die too early.

    Logic and common sense is very much lacking.

    Stupidity, foolishness is shown as fun and applauded on media which inturn gets accepted as reality.

    Words don’t mean much, promises are always broken.

    Love is sex and pre marital sex is very common.

    The institution of marriage is a joke.

    Children are not taught how to think and behave.

    Nothing is pure in foods, branding and marketing makes people believe even poison is good for you.

    Get rich or die trying being promoted everywhere.

  6. Think how lovely this world would be with no humans. Everything we touch is “spoiled” by us. Nothing, not one single thing, that humans have ever created comes even close to the beauty of any random happening in the natural world.

  7. Lots

    As a species we’re still in our infancy

    Consumed with petty squabbles over resources, lands & gods

    All to the detriment of humanity

    A day may come when we rise above such things but I don’t think I’ll ever see it

  8. *gestures broadly*

    Also, I do find it scary how people are so pitted against each other in all walks of life in society whilst governments are not even trying to hide the bad stuff they do anymore because we are too focused on each other to look up.

  9. A bunch of people having access to the opinions of such a giant group of people their brains can no longer digest the general opinion.

    Imagine a theater with 2000 people, if there are 10 crazy people in that stadium you wouldn’t be worried about the state of society. However, have a thread with 2000 users and you see 10 comments on the bottom of that thread with lunatics spewing their nonsense you think that it all has gone to shit.

    The same with social media where you can search for the opinions of millions. You’ll always find what you’re searching for, so people should stop searching for things that get them upset. In real life, you’re also not driving to the KKK headquarters thinking society exists out of white supremacists only.

    People need to be educated on how to deal with these numbers, and how to ignore the village idiot online the same way we’d do in the real world.

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