Infants of Reddit (18 months and younger) what’s it like being a baby?

Infants of Reddit (18 months and younger) what’s it like being a baby?

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  1. It’s okay I guess. I get carted here and there with no idea of where I’m being taken. Also, I can teleport! One minute I’m in the car, next minute I wake up in my bed! Trippy. The best fun are these things that spin around in the air, the big people call them “fans”. They are hilarious to watch!

  2. It’s a lot of fun! There are so many new things to learn and explore. From the world around us to our own bodies, everything is exciting and new. I love spending time with my family and friends, and just experiencing life.

  3. I want a specific brand of diaper (it has cute animals on it) but I’m unable to express myself well enough. That’s why I can’t tell my parents what I want… it’s just hard being so young…

  4. These fucken tall people are dumb as shit. I ask for food they try and put me to sleep, I ask for sleep they shoving tits in my mouth. Stomach hurts, do I get medicine…nope the beat me on the back or change my diaper….unreal

  5. Thank you for asking man 🙁 nobody ever asks us..its sad really. I woke up and had really bad diarrhea. Sometimes i try to cry and scream to signal that something isnt right but my mom just puts her tiddy in my mouth

  6. It’s goo. It’s ga. Yadda yadda.. Yo Gaba Gaba. Coco Melon is everything. I really like the Lion King even though I can’t comprehend the part where Mufasa dies.

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