Introverts of Reddit, how do you feel about the idea of being “adopted” by an extrovert?

Introverts of Reddit, how do you feel about the idea of being “adopted” by an extrovert?

What do you think?


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  1. Mandatory not me, but my best friend.
    She is the introvert. We met 9 years ago. I said hi she barely said anything. I assumed I befriended her. I started to invite her partying and reunions at my place. Little by little she started to open up. We share hobbies. But most of the times I did the taking. (Alone or with more people.

    She once told me she liked it that way. She gets to do everything she wants without dealing with people. She once call me her “social shield”.

    Anyways. We are getting married soon.

    Btw, she says hi, Reddit. (She just nodded)

  2. As an introvert I’m all for it. I wouldn’t have a social life if it weren’t for people more outgoing than myself. My social life is very important to me for my balance, and i find that maintaining a small circle of people who I’m really close with gives me access to broader social circles.

    To me it’s easier than maintaining a lot of friendships on an individual level. Also in settings with lots of people and/or strangers, I need one of my close friends to act as sort of a buffer. It really helps with my anxiety

  3. How would extroverts feel about being accompanied by introverts when they go to a library for example? I mean they can’t possibly be expected to figure out all the being quiet in there alone? They need babysitters!

  4. that’s actually how i made a lot of my friends. even though they’re more extroverted than me, we still have similar interests so it works out. as long as they understand that i need a lot of personal space and have a short social battery then we good 👍🏾 can’t stand a person who *always* wants to drag me places

  5. As if introverts need help? When I finally allowed myself to be an introvert instead of fighting it my social life became so much better. I can enjoy a party but my ass is gonna be home by 10pm and in bed by 10:30.

    You want someone to chill with and get into some deep conversation then I’m your guy. Just thinking about trying to be the life of the party makes me want to take a nap.

  6. A “forced” version of this kind of happened to me about 20 years ago.

    I’m around the middle of the introvert/extrovert scale, but several of my coworkers were way into the introvert side. Our office manager arranged an office holiday party – in a particpative theatre venue. So when asked about it her response was that the introverts need to “just get over it”.

    She was a bitch about it and forced attendance and RSVP acceptance without explaining what it was. So the extreme end of the spectrum types were basically frozen in social anxiety fear as the actors circulated as part of the ‘show’. Thanks Sarah. Way to be even remotely aware.

  7. Almost all my friendships started this way.
    I mean, it’s *not* like
    Introverts = no interests in having friends, or going out, and also
    Extroverts = no interests in having deep talks or stuff like that.

    You just should be aware that I’m not gonna talk that much when there are a lot of people around, or that I’m gonna all “wohoo OH YEAH!” When we would go out. If we would meet new people, I would be pretty reserved, at least in the beginning.

  8. Absolutely not. Just imagine all the times your parents’ friends would come over to eat and all the malls you’d have to go to. It’s a no from me.

  9. It would be flattering, but it think depends person to person. Some people just like being alone while others really do need that attention and dedication

  10. Well, it’d be pretty unpleasant for me, since I’m not happy at all when extroverts begin being themselves directly at me.

    No dislike implied. Just incompatible personality types.

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