Introverts of Reddit, how do you fit into a world “made for” extroverts?

Introverts of Reddit, how do you fit into a world “made for” extroverts?

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  1. By taking extra time out of my day to unwind and relax without external pressures.

    Being an introvert doesn’t mean I can’t handle people. I just need alone time to recharge.

  2. I think this mostly has an impact on work life where being outgoing is important.

    I tend to view work as a performance art and view that as a different part of me entirely 🙂

  3. I use certain stimulants or depressants (all legal by the way) to elevate me in certain situations. This over time allowed me to get normalized with the high interaction environments. This has turned me into a hybrid type extrovert to where I can be and come off as an introvert if needed but im not like that all the time.

    This actually came to my benefit because the majority of people are more comfortable with someone who can handle a situation socially when needed but also be in a relaxed state unlike some of yall crack heads out here.

  4. I’m in sales and people are shocked to learn I am really an introvert. I have a “game mode” for when it is time to get paid and I fake it all the way. I laugh loud, crack jokes, get the wait staff going at dinners and all that – but inside I just wanna be home. My GF is the opposite – she can go to a funeral and come out with 3 new friends.

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