Introverts of Reddit, what’s a good excuse to use in turning down an invitation to go out?

Introverts of Reddit, what’s a good excuse to use in turning down an invitation to go out?

What do you think?


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  1. why do people feel the need to lie and make an excuse. dont make excuses for being yourself.

    when i dont want to attend an outing i simply say “thank you for inviting me but i do not feel like attending.”

  2. I usually say “Aw I’d love to go but I have to clean my house or I’ll put it off.” Or just the classic “I have other plans” one.

  3. Homework, not feeling well, working overtime, family emergency, appointment, unforeseen occurrence, accident… Or you could just simply tell the truth and politely decline the invitation, explaining that you don’t feel like going out.

  4. a few of my favorites, already made plans, no sitter for my child or not in the mood to be social. all else fails, i say i will think about it.

  5. * Can’t. I’ve gotta wind the cat.
    * Sorry, dude. I’m celebrating the feast of St. Dorcas the Insufferable.
    * Eh, but that band did that one song that they played at that thing, and it’ll just make me think of *her* and then I’ll be a giant mess all evening and that’s no fun for anyone.
    * Goat protest that night, remember? Got my goat mask and everything. *Hell no, goats are bros! Hell no, goats are bros!*
    * I have set aside that evening for the reorganization of my spork collection.
    * You know, I just don’t think I’ll have the energy. Next time?

  6. “I’m not feeling well” doesnt mean youre physically sick, it can also mean you just don’t feel like socializing, you don’t feel like yourself, or you need to be alone. Your true friends should be able to read between the lines

  7. Honesty.

    Literally, just tell them your social battery has run out for the day. It’s nothing against them, you just need to relax alone.

    Any good friends would understand and let you be.

  8. This is one that is definitely a self specific one, but I have hip dysplasia and hypermobile joints along with many other health issues. So I will just say that my hip is dislocated or something of the like. Frustratingly it’s usually the truth rather than an excuse.

  9. Thanks for the invite, but I’m going to stay in tonight / got other plans / gotta get up early tomorrow due to reason. Have a beer for me.

  10. I don’t want to. It’s summer now and I hate summer with a passion. Unless it’s raining or foggy out, don’t invite me. I’m not burning up and getting nauseous bc of heat stroke just to socialize. I just don’t want to.

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