Is it normal feeling not wanting to have kids? And why?

Is it normal feeling not wanting to have kids? And why?

What do you think?

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  1. Totally normal! You can have a happy, full life without them. Plus you’ll have more money and the freedom to do things you otherwise would find difficult with a kid. 10/10 would recommend!

  2. Very normal.
    My spouse and I don’t want kids. This is due to where we are in life. There’s too many balls up in the air.. no idea where we will land and put down roots. We live in his parents house, in the basement apartment. His parents are toxic narcissists and this place is not a healthy environment for a child. Cost of living is a big part of this decision too. We’re struggling to get by and can’t imagine having another mouth to feed.
    What isn’t normal is people asking why.
    This is very rude.
    My sister and her husband wanted kids and found out they were unable to (he was dx’d with testicular cancer).
    They may adopt but for now they are still grieving the loss of what could have been.

  3. It’s a choice that belongs to you alone.

    Regardless of how society(friends/family) make you feel, it’s your business to decide how you want to live your life.

    I’d rather have lived a child-free life. It would have saved them from my own dysfunction.

  4. Sure. Plenty of people out there don’t want kids. It makes sense, they’re a huge and often thankless responsibility, even if you can get them without having to carry them around inside you for 9 months and then either force them out of your vag or get invasive surgery.

  5. Um yeah because I had younger siblings and they’re cool now but I sure as hell wouldn’t want to have to babysit my kids inebriated like I’m a fucking teenager all over again.

  6. It definitely is at certain points in life. I didn’t want kids in high school, college, early 20s or before I was married.

    Even after 3.5 years of marriage when I finally got pregnant, my husband was skeptical of how it would all work out. And I was afraid I wouldn’t love the baby since I never really liked babies all that much.

    But once she was born it was totally different.

  7. Depends on your goals in life. If you want to travel until you die, pamper yourself , and feel unburdened and with a lot less responsibility, kids are not for you, and that is OK.

    If you want to feel unfiltered, unconditional love, invest your energy, time, money into a legacy, than kids are for you.

    I love my son, and could not imagine a life without him. It is affecting “me time” thats for certain, travels and pampering need to be on a schedule even though I could travel 365d a year, but having this little creature snuggle beside me every night… its special.

    Your feelings are valid, and not final, you might change your mind someday, dont feel pressured by the community its still your life and you have to live it.

  8. As a parent, I can tell you that I love my child and he gives my life meaning. I also know exactly how that sounds.

    I can assure you that parenting and children are not for everyone. It’s hard, life is terrible, and this economy is bullshit. Unless you truly want to, do not have children.

  9. I think it’s fine, I honestly didn’t want kids but I have 3 and I love them. Truth be told if I never had kids I don’t think I would feel like I would be missing anything but now that I have them I wouldn’t want to live without them

    Live your life as you see fit, children are the best bad decision you can ever make. If you choose not to have kids, good for you, of you choose to have them then good luck

  10. While it’s a feeling that a psychologist could help you normalise, statistically it’s not normal, as evidenced by the fact that most households are families

  11. Of course is completely normal. I like children and can play and enjoy things almost at the same level as them. I was the favorite older cousin in the family.

    Never wanted to have children though. Never even played dolls as my babies. Some people just have that instinct missing.

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