Is it normal for a grown man to cry during movies, even animated movies, like inside out, Encanto, How to Train Your Dragon, and Frozen? Or is it more rare then common?

Is it normal for a grown man to cry during movies, even animated movies, like inside out, Encanto, How to Train Your Dragon, and Frozen? Or is it more rare then common?

What do you think?

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  1. Being a grown man shouldn’t stop you from crying. Crying is so helpful for our mental health. However if this is new or he is crying quite a bit, he probably has some emotional issues he needs to workout.

  2. I found that, as I’ve aged, I’ve become more willing to express feelings and emotions. Takes a lot to de-program the whole “Men don’t cry” foolishness I was raised with.

  3. I had a stroke about two years ago, physically I’m about 95% recovered (just a slight limp, after loosing all use of my left side). But to this day the “mental wall” that controlled my emotions is totally destroyed. I have no “poker face”, If I’m happy I will smile, If I see something sad, I will cry, with no control. I was able to relearn to walk, talk, and eat but the emotions are a direct line from my feelings to my face. Can’t tell a joke without ruining the “punch-line”, makes me crazy! “It is how you are wired” embrace it!

  4. It’s rarer i think, but that is because of stigma’s surrounding men crying. If you know a guy who wants to cry during a movie, let him know it’s ok and that everyone should be allowed to express their emotions.

  5. Men can cry just as much as women do…they’re just trained not to from a very young age in many cultures. So most grown men use anger and tantrums to express their sadness instead of crying. Or try to appear stoic. That, in itself, is sad.

  6. It’s shouldn’t be about gender if you cry during a movie. It’s about people having emotions and expressing them. I get choked up at the end of Furious 7 because I loved Paul Walker in those movies as well as others and they did a great job making a tribute to them. Other movies bring my wife to tears and I don’t have that reaction. We’re all human and we all have different emotions about different things.

  7. Hell yeah my dude, I am a wreck after watching Coco or How to train your dragon. Something really cathartic about a good cry that can leave you feeling light as feather afterwards.

  8. Everyone is different. I’m a man and I’m not ashamed that I do often cry at movies with moving scenes, especially if it involves a traumatized child. Not crying does not necessarily mean the person is cold or lacks empathy or is trying to be macho btw.

  9. How to Train Your Dragon (1 and 2)

    – hand to nose scene

    – “I’m proud to call you my son.”

    – *sigh* after lifting up the covers

    – “Hiccup?” “…but a mother never forgets”

    – “You’re as beautiful as the day I lost you.”

    I at least get choked up during these parts.

  10. I don’t think it’s normal for a man to cry during any of those movies and I’ve only seen Frozen. I do think it’s normal for a man to cry during Coco though, that was a good one.

  11. I never used to cry at things or be affected by much untill I had kids now everything affects me I cry when I see people helping people on YouTube.
    Or when I read stories about people doing it tough.
    Don’t get me started about anything that affects kids I can’t handle it, waterworks.

  12. If they are able to get you crying, dont feel ashamed of it. Thats the point, to stimulate human emotions.

    For me it has to be an exceptional movie, I always think about how they managed to create that scene and how many tries it took, etc. Cant help it.

  13. I never cried at how to train your dragon, but then my dad died. I haven’t watched the second one in a long time but even thinking about it breaks me a little bit.

  14. And heres where reddit tells you its totally normal, and all men shouldnt be afraid of their feelings blah blah blah. Now the real answer, that will get downvoted to fuck. Men do cry, of course they do. But if youre a man or a woman, and crying over movies, you have emotional issues that need addressing.

    Everyone has emotions, but that doesnt mean we express them all the time. If we did, the world would be fucked. Anger and sadness would have people fighting in the streets like the god damn purge.

    I have never cried at a movie or a tv show. Its not real. Why would I cry about it? But apparently that makes me a toxic male or some shit. Imagine being having self control and the hive mind that cant control their emotions thinks youre the toxic one.

    Any way, no its normal to cry at every movie you watch. Man or woman, its weird.

  15. I believe it’s generational. Gen x is hopefully the last generation that is petrified of crying a a man. Saying that, if it’s dark enough or we are alone I think a tear or two will come out

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