Is it weird to ask for a female doctor for a physical? Including a testicular exam? Why if so?

Is it weird to ask for a female doctor for a physical? Including a testicular exam? Why if so?

What do you think?


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  1. No. Treat women doctors as doctors. They have already seen it all for starters, and when you get into medical stuff they often already know about the thing.

  2. No, I don’t think it’s weird. We are socially conditioned to belief that women are more caring and comforting; think mothering. It’s pretty natural to me that you might want to see someone that you preemptively would judge as being caring and comforting about a vulnerable medical procedure.

  3. No. That’s literally their job. Just don’t be doing it for a sexual thrill and you’re all good. Honestly I’m the same way. I don’t like male doctors and usually always request a female too. It’s not as odd as you think. Folks do have a preference on who they’d prefer to see.

  4. It’s not at all weird, and very common. I’m sorry you’re getting so many answers with wrong info, or answers implying you’re seeking sexual gratification from a doctor.

    Many have gender preferences when it comes to medical professionals. I personally prefer a female doctor (I’m female myself).

    Either way, remember that they are doctors and are there to help you.

  5. I had my balls checked last time I went to the docs.. it was a male doctor. He had one of those student doctors in and asked me if it was ok if he was in the appointment too..

    In the end, I had an old male doctor, and a young student doctor (male) that looked like a an american football player..

  6. Weird to specifically ask. If it’s your time, or Doctor needs to check to exclude it as an issue, and the Doctor on duty happens to be female, your fine.

    Its the fundamental equivalent to asking for a proctology exam every appointment, or hospital visit.

  7. Why not just go to your regular doctor? I’m reading this like your specifically requesting a female doctor do this exam.. and that you wouldn’t want a man doing it.

  8. As a truck driver, I had to have annual physical exams. I’ve had female doctors and a female nurse present, when the female doctor said turn your head and cough. Its their job. Mine was to drive a truck, there’s was to make sure I can drive one safely. Maybe, the female doctor felt a lump in one of my testicles, she could have saved my life.

  9. Nope. Wait until you get older man. Gonna have them looking poking and prodding everywhere. I prefer a woman over a man tbh. Smaller fingers is just one of the upsides.

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