Is there a way to filter out Chinese products when buying on Amazon?

Is there a way to filter out Chinese products when buying on Amazon?

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  1. Some of them filter out by selecting the option to only show items offered as Prime. But that doesn’t get rid of the ones in the US warehouses, which is the majority of what they have. Especially in the last few years, Amazon has become flooded with items from China. There aren’t that many requirements to be a seller on Amazon. I started selling on, they require you to be a verifiable US business. I’m not a huge fan of Walmart in itself, but they are more “choosy” about who gets to sell on their platform.

    There’s some good info in that article that explains what I mean

  2. there’s pretty much no way to filter anything on amazon (or ebay). i’m convinced the search filters are intentionally broken so you’ll settle for whatever overpriced product is recommended instead of looking for a better deal. anytime i sort by lowest price i get pages of unrelated to vaguely related items or those combo listings that use bullshit options like “instead of a real USB drive buy a dummy drive made entirely out of plastic” or “instead of an HDD buy one of the screws from an HDD bracket” so the price shown in the search results is 10 cents but the actual product’s price is 10 dollars

  3. No way to filter out, but you can usually tell by the brand name. A lot of the Chinese companies will have nonsensical capital names like YOSSIK or something. Obviously there’s some exceptions, but that’s typically a good indicator.

  4. Towards the top of screen under the description lists the maker or “brand” of the product, this is a pretty good indication. The right amount of discernment is effective here.

    Also, it’s always a good idea to do some research beforehand. Look up what’s best rated and reviewed outside of Amazon for whatever you’re searching for. Nytimes “wirecutter” is a great source for reviews in my experience. Generally the best rated products wont be cheaply made Chinese knock offs. But on the other hand, sometimes, but more rarely, they are highly reviewed. I mean I guess what I’m saying is, not every product from China is cheap and flawed… Sure a helluva lot are, but every once in a while you may find something decent.

  5. Given the complexity of supply chains, I imagine it would be difficult to find items in certain categories (such as appliances) that do not contain at least one component manufactured or assembled in China. That said, I’ve had frustrating experiences when trying to buy fairly standard electronics accessories from Amazon. My search is flooded with a companies I’ve never heard of, and the quality of the items is astonishingly poor. I’m talking about battery chargers, smartphone holders for cars, etc. The products typically arrive in strange boxes with descriptions in broken English and poorly integrated clip art. The product often arrives broken or has terrible craftsmanship. I’ve actually started a avoiding Amazon for these kinds of goods because the Best Buys and Walmarts of the world seem to be more selective and vet their merchandise somewhat.

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