It feels like the general population has been more hostile and dangerous lately. More explosive reactions for little to no reason. What do you think?

It feels like the general population has been more hostile and dangerous lately. More explosive reactions for little to no reason. What do you think?

What do you think?

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  1. Stress.

    There was a pandemic, inflation is up, climate change is real, and politically we are more polarized than we have been in generations (in the USA at least). People are stressed out and stressed people don’t make great decisions.

  2. After working retail through the pandemic and before I really have to agree with you. When everything reopened people seemed very different in a way that I hadn’t really encountered before. More prone to anger, quicker escalations and zero admission of personal responsibility when things go wrong.

  3. Every generation goes through crazy shit and think it’s the end of the world coming or it’s never been this bad. Turn off the news and social media take a walk in a park. It’s not all that bad in the real world

  4. I think the greater view on this, is that as technology and ways of communication and viralization gets wider, you can see the hostility and dangerous nature of human being. It’s not getting worse, you just see it better.

  5. IMHO, it’s more complicated. We are at a historically low level of war and other mob violence (and the plundering/raping that went with it). BUT, we are also at an unusual inflection point where one individual can do more damage than was historically be possible. This will get worse as weapons increase in their deadliness over time, as well as relative ease of access, and the globalization of the world. (Would have been much more difficult to travel long distances alone, in the past, for example).

  6. Yes, and I feel it in myself aswell. Things that I use to let roll off just kinda stick to me now. Like If I see someone with some hate filled bullshit on there truck I’ll cut em off and flip em the bird. Or if someone is being hostile and shitty to others I can’t keep my mouth shut. I’m just so angry at the world and it’s abandonment of logic and love that I myself struggle to not be part of the problem.

  7. Things just seem like that. There is always uproar and stuff, but most of that gets forgotten. During the Vietnam War era there were protests, drafts, all kinds of civil uproar, but people look back on the 60s and 70s like it was some utopia. Rose colord glasses are real, even if we think we are “immune.” You aren’t, and we all wear them.

  8. Yes.

    Folks are cocked and loaded.

    Trump getting elected was an alarm bell about many people’s anxiety about the future.

    Then Covid.

    Then Climate Change effects accelerated, if you weren’t paying attention, it seemed like overnight.

    Then the ruZZian invasion.

    Then inflation (at least here in the US).

    And you cannot escape the bad news if you have access to the internet.

    People are maximally stressed with no clear solutions and shit’s getting bad.

  9. Certain groups are, and other groups are chill and don’t care. All depends on the people you are interacting with. If they are overly political, or into social justice, etc, you can trigger them easily with one wrong word choice.

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