It’s the small things in life that make you happy, so what small thing makes you happy?

It’s the small things in life that make you happy, so what small thing makes you happy?

What do you think?


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  1. Clouds, dragonflies, fireflies, bumblebees, turtles, happy laughing babies, old couples hugging, swing sets, jungle gyms, bottle rockets, frozen grapes, peanut butter honey sandwiches, pumpkin spice bread, puppies barking, kitten meowing, owls in trees, eagles in flight, weed-free uncut tall grass, piles of autumn leaves, snow drifts, ice cold breaths, slowly falling heavy snowflakes, rainbow in the winter, snowflakes melting in a very cold day’s warm sunlight, sundogs, thunderstorms and rainbows, trees a dancing in breeze, autumn leaves dropping like snowflakes, the smell of freshly baked bread, pizza, pizza, and more pizza,

    Should I go on? Your call? The more upvotes, the more memories shared, I’m old, so, maybe I have a few.

    Thanks for a great question, and giving me this opportunity to remember, and to share.

    Have a great night/day.

  2. Happyness comes from within, that said, in the right headspace, time with freinds, good music, solitude do to my own thing in peace.

    Most of this is possible because of a clear, calm headspace that hasn’t always been available, but I think that’s pretty normal/common.

  3. My bird. He’s a wild Black Crowned Night Heron whose markings I can make out. There was one time at my old job I threatened to fight six Hungarian tourists because one of them choke slammed him to the ground and wouldn’t let him up.

    He’s still grateful to this day. He’ll swoop down to see me anytime I walk his stretch of beach. One of my most loyal soldiers, lol.

  4. Stargazing.

    I was wearing glasses since I was 5. Each year i would see less and less stars until I could only see the brightest ones, and even then it was hard for me to see them unless I concentrated really hard.

    This winter I had an eye surgery. And when I laid down under a summer sky one night, it was as if someone changed resolution on a video lol. I honestly laid there for more than an hour, after 17 years finally being able to see all the constellations.

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