Justice Clarence Thomas is said on record that the Supreme Court should overturn gay marriage next, what are your thoughts?

Justice Clarence Thomas is said on record that the Supreme Court should overturn gay marriage next, what are your thoughts?

What do you think?

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  1. It’ll probably get overturned – as will contraception and same sex relationships in general.

    This is what you get with Republicans. They can’t separate the bible from politics, and barring a freak accident, America will be run by religious nutjobs citing the bible for the next few decades.

  2. That’s not ALL they’ve got in their sights:

    >>[Justice Clarence Thomas, in his concurring opinion overturning Roe v. Wade, laid out a vision that prompted concerns about what other rights could disappear: The same rationale that the Supreme Court used to declare there was no right to abortion, he said, should also be used to overturn cases establishing rights to contraception, same-sex consensual relations and same-sex marriage.](https://www.nytimes.com/2022/06/24/us/clarence-thomas-roe-griswold-lawrence-obergefell.html)

    We are solidly on the path to being a fascist theocracy. The Christian Taliban.

  3. I don’t see why gay marriage should be abolished, like why should that have any impact on the court. Let people live their lives how they want to.

  4. if he’s gonna overturn gay marriage, then by extension he has to overturn interracial marriage, as that’s based on the same rights, so he should divorce his wife out of principal. but of course he won’t. cause he’s a piece of shit.

  5. I think the supreme court should mind their own business and let people love whoever they want. Just because we formed our original government from religion doesn’t mean we need to continue following old religious idealisms.

  6. I donno tbh if I was gay I’d never want the state to be involved in my love life. I’m straight and after being married I realize it is absolute shit. I’ll never legally get married again. I’d go through ceremony and be married in spirit but I don’t need the government to recognize my love for someone and then fuck me over after they love leaves because nowadays that is pretty f’n common.

  7. My thoughts are everyone should mind there business. If you find yourself minding other ppls business, check your house it might…or should be in flames.

    Mind your business, it’s what America was founded on. Liberty, if you don’t know you are the problem.

  8. As a child, i watched as gay marriage was legalized in 2015, happy to know I would be able to marry whoever I wanted when I grew up.

    I am now grown up, knowing I will live to see that stripped away from me before I even get a chance ‘I do’

  9. Some of my very close friends are a lesbian couple, they’re about to get engaged (they’re not on Reddit so I’m not spoiling anything for anyone) and I’m very scared that they’re not gonna be able to get married. I adore them so much and it breaks my heart that the government is trying to control them

  10. Marriage benefits exist to alleviate the economic burden of reproducing couples. It probably doesn’t benefit the taxpaying nation to extend these privileges to men who masturbate into each other’s assholes.

  11. He did not say that. He said they should look at gay marriage and contraceptives again.

    I’m not defending what he said. What he said was fucking stupid.

    But saying he said they should overturn gay marriage is disingenuous.

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