Lazy assholes who leave shopping carts in the middle of the parking lot, WTF is your deal?

Lazy assholes who leave shopping carts in the middle of the parking lot, WTF is your deal?

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  1. I’m a boy scout 99% of the time. The other 1% is when there isn’t a cart watchamacallit in sight and I’d have to walk all the way back to the store… and even then I do most of the time.

  2. The Shopping Cart dilemma was a real psychological study developed that ultimately tests whether or not you are an empathetic person or not. Under no punishment do you have any obligation to return your cart to its home location except for knowing that you have left your problem for someone else to fix. The dilemma suggests that if you consciously decide to leave the cart for another person to put away for you, you lack self governance skills.

  3. I don’t mind it at Aldi so much, a few weeks ago when I got in there were two stray carts in the lot, so of course I returned them and got 50 cents 🙂

    Not only that, as I was leaving a lady offered me a quarter for my cart as I was about to put it away, so I made another 25 cents on a cart I didn’t even pay for. I’m not knocking it there, you can profit off lazy people there 🙂

  4. A lot of the time when I see someone leaving a cart, it’s a Mom with multiple young kids she can’t trust to leave alone. I can empathize with that.

    If you want to be the change you want to see in the world, taking back two carts when you’re not in a rush is a helpful way to free up parking spaces.

  5. It would be interesting if someone were to run a psychological study during the pandemic, having researchers lurk grocery store parking lots and taking a tally of customer behavior to observe whether mask wearing correlates with shopping cart etiquette.

  6. Had a friend who worked at my local grocery store, I was the janitor there, he was front help. During the winter season he would volunteer to be the cart pusher any time it was available. Ended up asking him why he liked doing it so much one day, he said it was a great way to not be inside having to interact with customers, and that it was really the only position he could get away with having his air pods in. Sometimes when I was off I would hang out with him while he was still on the clock pushing carts, he told me he hated when all the carts were ready to haul because that would mean after he brought them back he would have to stay with the greeter until it was busy enough for him to be the extra hand again. He also would have one cart with him sometimes to a non security camera corner where he would just chill and talk to this one disabled woman who was usually on the steps. Anyway, it’s kind of a stretch but I guess what I’m trying to say is one mans trash can be one mans escape. This worlds too complicated to be deciding what’s good or bad in the long run. But there is one thing we should all acknowledge is bad, leaving a cart in a whole different parking lot, as he would say: “what the fuck is that about?”

  7. Well, I don’t do this all the time everywhere I go but just in this one store, but let me Justify my individual case..

    When I am shopping, I am usually shopping with people who are Elderly..

    My local Supermarket which has multiple exits has closed the nearest exit towards our home, forcing all the elderly to go THE LONG Way to get out the store, then The Long Way around the outside of the Store in order to go Home..

    No one in my family Drives, I don’t drive yet, we have along way to walk with bags of Heavy shopping to last us the week Home

    I know It’s not ideal for the worker, but I am indirectly keeping him in a job, by having to collect the trolley.. and at least I said sorry to them today for having to make them do this as individuals.

    If they opened back up the closest exist this behaviour would stop.

    I live in a very deprived area, and If I had worse morals, I could be worse, at least I leave the trolleys ON THE PROPERTY to be collected.. so that other people can still use them, theirs people out there who will physically WALK outside the property with the shopping carts down the streets/pavements/sidewalks all the way home and then Abandon them making areas look like dumps.

    I view leaving it on the edge of the property as justified since my Individual supermarket management, is making Elderly people who don’t own cars walk further then they have too, to get home with heavy shopping.

    PS. I don’t leave it in the middle but out of the way where they can’t damage other cars, yet still within reasonable reach to be returned.

  8. Because I made a promise to the universe that as long as I can’t have a girlfriend – I will personally make it my life’s mission to RUIN someone else’s day by doing something directly or indirectly.

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