Left handers, what is the biggest thing you’ve had to adapt to in this world that just isn’t made for you?

Left handers, what is the biggest thing you’ve had to adapt to in this world that just isn’t made for you?

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  1. Having to answer the question “Oh, are you left handed?” While writing with my left hand.

    What you want to say is: “Of course I’m left handed, that’s why I’m using my left hand you fucking donut”

    What you adapt to say is: “Yes”.

  2. Well, everything for the most part is made for right handed people. Writing with pencils suck because you end up erasing or smearing the letters because we write left to right. The rings on binders get in the way. Walk into a sporting goods store and go to the baseball glove section. You will see 100 different gloves for righted people maybe 5 for left handed. Golf clubs the same. Most good scissors are for right handed people. The list goes on…..

  3. Almost every semi-automatic firearm – pistol,shotgun, rifle is configured for a right hander. Magazine release, slide release and ejection port/direction. Unless you get lucky enough that the manufacturer actually offers a left hand model then you have to pay double or triple to buy it. Reselling a left hand configured firearm is also tricky since the market is so small.

  4. I could never grasp the concept of “if you’re left handed just do it backward”, so I just learned everything right handed. The only things I can effectively do with my left hand are things requiring fine finger movements; writing, eye liner, threading a needle. Otherwise I do everything else right handed; I use scissors with my right hand, bowl, throw..

  5. The organ blower gets turned on with my right hand, even though I instinctively reach with my left.

    Builders almost invariably install the on/off switch on the right side of the organ console, even when there’s more room for it on the left.

  6. I remember I had some trouble using spoons and forks for some reason and I would write from right to left, those during the first years of primary school. Or door handles ofc.

    Generally you have to have the mindset to adapt a bit I guess.

  7. trigger lock on power tools. Many drills, saws, etc have a small button that you can push in to lock the trigger back and the tool will keep running.

    Being left handed my palm goes right on top of the button. I have to be aware not to lock the button.

  8. I am right handed, but I would guess playing guitar, because look at the price of left handed guitars. And actually, there’s cases of left handed guitarists who play with the strings’ order inversed because they learnt on a right handed guitar

  9. I had to learn to play every sport right handed because my coaches wouldn’t teach any other way.

    Now I’m slightly ambidextrous. Leftie is for fine motor most of the time, and rightie is for gross motor (though I can do it with left too, it just doesn’t feel the same).

  10. Scissors, can openers and notebooks with spirals (my hand used to hurt af at school).

    And since I was until recently in the military, the M-16 gun. It was impossible to see anything in order to trigger the weapon.

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