Liberals living in rural, Conservative backcountry: what do you need to get off your chest?

Liberals living in rural, Conservative backcountry: what do you need to get off your chest?

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  1. People say all the liberal cities are falling apart, but they have never even spent time in the cities. A popular one they talk about is Portland. They think the city is essentially burned to the ground even though there are only a couple areas that aren’t great. The majority of the city is definitely a lot better than the town that has 5 bars, all of them dives.

    Also there seems to be a general lack of compassion towards homeless people.

  2. Just because the vast majority of people in our ~6000 people town are conservative, that does not mean the vast majority of the country is! Stop basing your judgments and expectations on such a tiny, biased sample size.

    You CAN be friends with or at least respectful to people of other political parties.

    For fuck’s sake, STOP listening to Tucker Carlson.

  3. I don’t want to take your fucking guns. I just want it to be a hell of a lot harder for me to get my hands on one.

    “Don’t tread on me” says the flag on the mast on the property of the guy who calls the cops every fucking time my housemate tries to enjoy a few beers in the backyard of our property.

    Get new Trump signs. If you’re gonna be pro-Trump can you *at least* be current? It’s not 2020 anymore & I seriously fuckin doubt that Trump’s going to choose Pence to be his running mate again.

  4. If you wear “Fuck Joe Biden” shirts in public to pwn the Libs, it makes me think you’re softheaded.

    I voted for Biden, but I don’t give a shit about him personally. I just wanted to go to bed without the likelihood of my President starting a 4 am war with Guatemala bc he feels lonely.

  5. Not now, but I used to. Here’s what I hated.

    You were automatically looked down on if you didn’t go to church. My mom overheard another family talking shit about our family because we didn’t go to church. And how this made my mom an awful person.

  6. Whenever you talk about preserving your freedoms and not paying your hard earned money for socialist services like schools, roads, etc. You are literally dooming your own family to more poverty and struggle. You are being lied to, and it may literally cost you or someone you love their lives.

  7. I’m Independent but more left-leaning I guess, but thanks for giving me this chance. Ahem.

    THEY ALL SUCK. Republican and Democrat politicians alike. I can literally be pro-choice, Christian, believe in gun control while also supporting gun rights. Why tf does everything have to be so black or white in American politics!?

  8. There are plenty of non-black people of color born and raised in the US all the time, and they are just as American as white Americans. I was born in the US, got an American education since Pre-K all the way to my bachelor’s degree. Hell, I haven’t set foot in my home county since I was 9, and my Korean is so terrible that I would be poked fun at and called an American if I ever went back.

    So stop automatically assuming I’m some fresh off the boat immigrant. Its already bad enough I feel out of place as it is amongst other Koreans.

  9. Oh man. Hillbillies are very real, and way more prevalent than I would have ever believed.

    Learn to Google, rural America. The truth is out there and just so, so easy to find. If only you would look at more than Fox News. Sigh.

  10. You know, for a bunch of people who call everyone who disagrees with you a snowflake, you sure do get pretty famn bent out of shape over what other people do with their own bodies.

    PS – If you masculinity is so fragile you need a step stool to get into your pickup, then you might want to figure out why that is.

  11. -none of y’all using the word patriot right.

    -coal rolling my electric vehicle doesn’t make you cool.

    -the majority of you complaining the government can’t tell you what to do have a military background where your entire career was literally the government telling you what to do.

    -you don’t have any idea how to do research. You only know how to share memes.

    -flying your 2nd place confederate flag doesn’t make you look cool. It makes you look ignorant and uneducated.

    -blue lives aren’t a thing.

    -trust me, the gays would never hit on you. Stop worrying.

    -Jesus is actually not a vaccine.

  12. Not a liberal, but someone who is a minority. People tend to look at you HARD, for no reason, and just don’t stop. I’ve walked into some restaurants or small stores where people stop what they’re doing just to look at me. At first I thought it was in my head, but it’s wild how different I am treated. Especially cops, kind of a long story, but I live in the middle of nowhere and they trail me? I’ve been pulled over about 4 times in a month for 10 over, suspected use of phone, or they thought I was doing something I wasn’t? It’s wild, some people have Arian race tattoos.
    I am from a small town in Georgia, and there was never ANY blatant racism. But, this is another small town in Georgia, and it was like a punch in the mouth.

    YOU do not know racism until you meet it first hand. I always told myself “ah their just whining and just need to let it go” blah blah shit. No. People are racist af. It’s never going to end. People will always show favoritism in any circumstance. It’s very real, it can destroy lives if you let it.
    Ps. I am Asian. Also, the county I am in has the largest white population in Georgia.

  13. I don’t live in a conservative backcountry any more but I was raised out there. Honestly they just need to stfu and realize the world doesn’t revolve around them and their big trucks, guns (that nobody is trying to take from them anyways) and that there are more people in this country than just them. Also they are very often voting against their own interest because rather than reading platforms and looking at policies they vote solely based on the colour of the banner of their local candidate, and when that candidate also doesn’t do what they want they still find excuses to blame it on the left. Maybe if you weren’t a guaranteed vote for them they’d actually listen to you! They also need to actually learn about what they’re talking about, I so often hear them say stupid shit that either isn’t true or just doesn’t make any sense and they think they’re an expert on it!

    The Dunning Kruger effect is strong out there.

  14. In our current labor shortage, the only talent population available are the incarcerated and immigrants. Time to fly over the wall and legalize cannabis.

    Also, for anyone reviewing political candidates, ask why? Do your best to draw the line from “Here’s the problem” and “Here’s the proposed solution” then decide which solution is best and who is championing that idea. So many politicians have half baked ideas with catchy taglines or messaging they hammer “Lock Her Up” that you don’t even know what problem they’re aiming to solve or how it pertains to you.

    Start from the solution and work back to the politician before giving your vote.

  15. For the love of God, blasting country music at ear splitting decibels in the Walmart parking lot does not make you cool, nor does it “own” anyone that blasts any other kind of music in any other parking lot.

    I don’t care what you’re listening to, if I can hear it in my car and it’s not coming from my speakers, it’s literally noise pollution and your shit should be confiscated.

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