Liberals of Reddit, what is your most conservative opinion?

Liberals of Reddit, what is your most conservative opinion?

What do you think?


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  1. Sometimes it IS your fault that you’re poor

    I agree that in the US we need stronger social safety nets, universal healthcare, etc. but some people are just unbelievably fucking stupid with their money

  2. I used to teach in a prison, and people who feel sorry for criminals are very naive. They really don’t understand them and they don’t understand how the criminal justice system actually works. I get tired of the whining.

  3. I support a secure border. (and a sane and humane immigration policy and aid to people south of our border, but not to authoritarian governments, commie and dictators dont deserve it)

  4. You can Identify as whatever gender you want. I will respect you and address you as such. But I don’t think identifying as a certain gender is enough to make you biologically that gender.

  5. The U.S. has two main parties. It’s inevitable that you have some dems that want the death penalty and hate abortion and want tighter borders, etc. etc. and cons that don’t mind abortion, hate the death penalty, and don’t care about borders…

    Two parties means all the politicians have a great chance to have power through their career. The ‘sugar brothers’ are billionaires who each donate to one party, and sugar is coincidentally expensive in the U.S… why do the dems and cons not mind that the other brother donates to the other party? 2 parties is much better odds for all involved than if the brothers propped up a 3rd and 4th party too.


  6. In my country liberals are conservative, but by American standards I’m liberal.

    Kids under 18 shouldn’t be allowed to medically transition unless there’s a serious threat to their mental health if they can’t transition. I’m all for letting kids cut/grow out their hair, dress how they want (within reason), go by a different name, etc. but a permanent change like hormones shouldn’t be decided by a child.

  7. We should all be armed, It should be a requirement for all kids to take fire arms courses in all three tiers of learning.

    The young kids can be taught about what they look like and how to leave them alone, to respect the space they occupy etc.

    Later they can be taught the mechanics and history along with general safety.

    In high school they can be taken to the range and certified.

    Firearms are not going away, and the more you know the more concerned you are with the rhetoric of both sides in the matter. I would rather an informed public armed with the knowledge and respect due anything that can be used to take a life.

    They already do Drivers ed this is the same thing.

  8. Death penalty is a good thing in certain occasions and should be used a tad more, also feeling bad for criminals. They fucking committed a crime that got them into jail, some cases I do get, else is just disgusting.

    Some people deserve things worse than death or being executed

  9. Everyone should pay their fair share in taxes, but only to a point. All working class chip in and then the rest is yours. The current loopholes and shady practices of hiding wealth so the richest pay nothing is horseshit.

  10. I think that gun control is only really treating a symptom. Mental healthcare should be more readily available so that we can lower violent crime rates in general.

  11. I think a lot of the Trans community and gender identity stuff has gone a little wonky…

    I mean, you do you but I’m not gonna understand it all, and that doesn’t make me bigoted

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