Male gynecologists of Reddit, why/how did you choose vaginas as your speciality and life’s work?

Male gynecologists of Reddit, why/how did you choose vaginas as your speciality and life’s work?

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  1. Am doctor. Not gyno. OB was attractive as a specialty. Surgery is cool. You can do life changing things in a short period of time. Gen surg is a BRUTAL residency. OB offered opportunity to continue developing surgical skills, not suffer quite as severely during training.

    I’d be willing to bet many have personal connection to the disease they want to alleviate the suffering from based on those they know/knew who had it. I’ve known some incredible male OBs, also female. From my perspective, it was merely talented docs who “found their tribe.”

  2. (guy here) Many years ago in high school math, I sat at a table with three girls who had girl-talk like I wasn’t there. One mentioned her gyno appt: “My doctor is a woman of course.”

    2nd girl: “Oh, of course”

    3rd girl: “That’s too butch, I only want a man touching me.”

    Young me was confused about how opposite their views were.

  3. I guess this should be tagged as NSFW? I’m seriously curious though. So many women are uncomfortable with male gynos.

    edit: because I accidentally typed gyros. My laptop knows I have a lot of Greek influence around me.

  4. you got to realize that its not all beautiful women with glamorous vaginas. You are going to see some fucked up infected vaginas on some nasty dirty women. You really want to look at the vagina on some 500 pound woman with a severe yeast infection? You’ll probably never want to look at a vagina again.

  5. (Not a doctor but) I hear OB is the only medical specialty where a lot of your patients are actually healthy and happy to see you? The vagina stuff just comes along with it.

  6. Hot take: I see a variety of gynos at my practice, the men *tend* to be better.

    ETA: This is my anecdotal experience. I’m not saying all male ob/gyns are better. I’m not dismissing the many many valid concerns women have about their male doctors, gyno or otherwise. I’m saying I *personally* had a good experience with my male gynos.

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