Male Redittors, which movie made you cry?

Male Redittors, which movie made you cry?

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  1. Last one was “Rogue One”.

    Carrie Fisher passed a couple of days before I watched Rogue One and having avoided spoilers, the Rebel Princess of my childhood was suddenly on the big screen in front of me and it was a huge flashback to my youth / age / mortality thing.

  2. Coco
    As far as my feet will carry me

    I even cried at the end of the 1st Ice Age movie… There are too many. It got worse since my grandparents died.

  3. Watched Titanic again, I cried. Well, teared. Mostly at the end with the single boat that returned, when the white star line person said, “we waited too long”.

  4. Benjamin Button.

    I mean, you could see the ending coming from a mile away yet it still got me. The worst part was I was watching with my wife, and trying really hard to mask that I was losing it. I went to take a deep breath to try and steady myself, but it caught in my throat and I kind of gagged and choked, which totally gave the game away. I still get shit for that.

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