McDonald’s shuts down tomorrow. What do you do?

McDonald’s shuts down tomorrow. What do you do?

What do you think?


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  1. I wouldn’t really care. I only eat fast-food about once a month and I usually go with KFC since they have a restaurant not far from me. Would just order pizza if that closed too.

  2. I don’t care, cooking is very easy.

    If I really want to relax while being served I’ll just hop in the many many many other restaurants with fries/burgers/finger food on the menu.

    Edit : I may go and buy one box of Happy Meal to keep it and resell it 30 years later as some rare item

  3. I’d do the exact same thing I would’ve done whenever one of their coupons were to expire soon. Just get the one deal that’s on sale for the day. Then just fuggeddabouduit.

  4. Not mourn their inedible burgers.

    Mourn their apple pies not being available.

    Be upset that they never took a chance with a full cream pie. Instead they keep putting half cream half strawberry.

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