Men of reddit, are abs on a woman attractive? Why or why not?

Men of reddit, are abs on a woman attractive? Why or why not?

What do you think?


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  1. Honestly I think anyone looks better with healthy abs. Not like cookie cutter abs from over exercising and eating too little. but like I don’t particularly find women attractive in any way, abs are beautiful and anyone with them I admire the hard work you put into it but I won’t say it’s attractive cause 2 reasons Im gay and I’m into a little bulk. Not fat but like bulky, husky you know got a good bit of muscle but also some chub.

  2. I’m the type of guy, if i like the womens character everything about her is attractive even stretch marks or bullet holes

    But generally speaking, yes they are. But some cute flab on a chubby women is attractive too

  3. I would not say they are unattractive, but still if I got to chose I typically wank to chicks that have soft stomachs.

    That being said, if I nice funny girl with a 6 pack wanted me to rail her into oblivion, I would say yes.

  4. There are all kinds of ways that women can be attractive, including with and without visible abs. If you’ve got abs, great! If not, don’t kill yourself trying to get them (or at least not for the purpose of being more attractive) — you are already attractive in your own way.

  5. No not at all. Because for most women by the time you get to actually seeing your abs you will have already lost all the fat in your breast, hips, thighs, butt and face that make you look all good and women like.

    Your just gonna have a girl with the body of a skinny ripped dude but without most of the muscle. Like a girl face on a mens marathon runner or cyclist body or some shit.

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