Men of Reddit, are women who learn martial arts & self defence attractive?

Men of Reddit, are women who learn martial arts & self defence attractive?

What do you think?

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  1. To me?

    I can appreciate when a woman is fit, and I appreciate when a woman has interests that develop their skills.

    First met my eventual wife right after she was just finishing a biking run on a hot day, she was animated about her adventure and clearly both knew and enjoyed it as a skill, and she was glowingly fit. Lost my heart in about three minutes, right then and there.

    So yes, but quite possibly not for the same reasons you’re asking the question if you’re a female considering doing this.

  2. In my opinion, women having a passion in general is attractive. I love hearing my wife talk about her latest cat rescues, it’s her thing and it’s cute.

    That being said, we have some very attractive men and women at our dojo. Personally, somebody that would judge my attractiveness by my hobbies is waving a huge red flag.

  3. I doubt many people would focus on that but it can go either way. You could be a fit woman in which case most guys would be very happy but you could also have a “tough guy” mentality that could be a turn off. Totally depends on the person. Some guys would feel emasculated by a woman who could out perform them. My wife has a blue belt and I personally love it. Great butt!

  4. Problem is with self defense and karate and other similar stuff is you cant say you really know it unless you actually do it for real. Like no pads. No rules. Also where you wear your street clothes.

    Now their are some places like krav maga that teach actual fighting and some where they train on concrete in street clothes where you leave with something broken, bruised, and bloody.

  5. Not sure why but I always had a thing for the “fighting couple” trope. I’m gonna get back into training next month and if I happen to meet someone there I won’t be mad. Sparring with your girlfriend seems like a good time.

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