Men of Reddit, what are your thoughts on women making the money and being a stay at home dad?

Men of Reddit, what are your thoughts on women making the money and being a stay at home dad?

What do you think?


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  1. Instead of being a father, I crush myself in a hydraulic press until there is nothing left of me except my arm and CPU. I will prevent kids from happening in the next rodeo.

  2. If only. I would do it in a heart beat, but im better at negotiating salary and condition. My girlfriend is not assertive enough and affraid about laying it all on the line.

    Thats why, despite being similar in background and having the same education, i make 40% more than her

  3. Daughter gets married in a week and they are planning on him staying home when they have kids. I’d hope there is no more stigma. I survived being a single working dad with her. No excuse (outside of breast feeding) a man can’t do the work. I think most me know it’s more work and more exhausting than going to work :-).

  4. Women care about money a whole lot. So I’d generally just be surprised if a woman was even willing to be in a relationship with someone who made less than her.

    My second thought though is just how impressive it is to make enough money for one person to support a family off a single income. In this economy, that really isn’t easy at all.

  5. This is me right now, my Mrs earns ALOT as a self employed beautician and I took voluntary redundancy around 12 months ago. I’m the house bitch and she works all day and night.

    It was good at first but now I’m just fucking bored

  6. I became a SAHD when our daughter was 3yo. To make a long story short, I got laid off & my wife made enough $$ to pay the bills.

    Best decision, both personally and as a family. One big bonus is that we don’t have to juggle 2 different vacation policies & schedules. There are so many more benefits, and it definitely works for us, though I know it does not work for everybody.

  7. MS forced me out of my career, so now I’m a stay at home papa. I have a 2 month old granddaughter that I watch 2-3 days a week. Rest of the time I cook for my wife, take her coffee at work, etc. Its glorious.

  8. Depends if the couple has kids, or has one or more kids with special needs…if so, then whether you’re a stay at home dad or mom, no doubt that’ll be even harder to do than working a job…

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