Men of Reddit, what goes through your head when a woman hugs you?

Men of Reddit, what goes through your head when a woman hugs you?

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  1. Depends on the woman and the situation. With my mom, usually safety and comfort. With most of my friends, same thing. If I happen to be attracted to a friend though, it’s almost like a giddy daze. Especially if she squeezes me or bites me

  2. “Don’t feel her boobs, don’t feel her boobs, don’t feel her… fuck’s sake dude”

    Also “better savor this for the next ten years when I get the next hug from a woman”.

  3. “What is that? Oh… get your hands off me. Please don’t stop. To hell with you. Uhm, it feels warm. But that’s enough, go away. What, did it end already? Fuck you. That was appreciated.”

  4. My heart goes absolutely wild. The longer we hug, the nicer it feels. The boner, however, is embarrassing. I hug my girlfriend for at least 10 minutes each time I see her. I love holding her so much.

  5. Friend? Nothing.

    Girl I’m interested in? I’m so happy I think of nothing but just being in the moment.

    Me and a girl I was into hugged and she said she loved my bear hugs and I fucking melted lmao.

  6. The same thing that’s gone through my head every time I wake up from a dream of my former best friend doing so: I just wish we could exchange one last one.

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