Men of Reddit, what is “guys only problem” that girls have no idea about ?

Men of Reddit, what is “guys only problem” that girls have no idea about ?

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  1. Our ballsacks sticking to our thighs on hot summer days then we need to walk with our legs so stretched out to get it to unstick and over all looks weird as hell.

  2. We aren’t taught to express our emotions or “vent” so we keep it in and take high blood pressure pills until eventually the heart has enough and explodes.

  3. Having an average size penis yet women, (three of the ones I’ve been with), think you’re a bit on the small side. I was too much of a gentleman to say they deceived me by wearing padded bras!

  4. Sometimes your brain decides you’re done peeing but your body decides there’s still a little bit to go, but always like 2 seconds after your pants are up.

  5. The constant threat of another guy being offended by what you say and throwing a punch at you. That threat keeps things more down to earth, careful, considered and respectful.

    It rarely happens, but with men the potential is there.

  6. For some reason my underwear binds up around my balls whenever I sit for a long period of time. Maybe I lean forward and back too often, I don’t know, but adjusting them while sitting (on those occasions where it’s inopportune to stand and a leg shake) it looks like I’m playing with myself. I’m not, I just want to be comfortable.

  7. Being told by your girlfriend that they want X from you in a relationship, you provide X, and they tell you that is not what they wanted. Insert intimacy, space, time apart, closeness, sex, trust, commitment, sharing of responsibility.. etc.

  8. While you’re sleeping getting a raging hard on so bad that weeks you up and you can get back to sleep. You’re also so out of it that you can’t “take care of it.” Guess I’ll watch TV for a half hour and then try to go to sleep again.

  9. Yesterday I was at Target and there was a group of women standing around the baskets bullshitting. Women do not understand the anxiety of even asking a woman if you can grab something from behind them in the modern social climate. I instead went to a different area of the store to grab a basket because I chose not to deal with that.

    I’m gay so beyond work I don’t really have to deal with this as much as other guys do, but they really don’t understand the anxiety of not wanting to be even remotely accused of being creepy and the power they hold with that.

    I’m a tall bearded guy, and I can often tell my mere presence makes women uncomfortable and it sucks, whether it’s having to walk at an intentionally slow pace to avoid getting too close or the way they react when spoken to at all. I’m not going to cat call you, nor do I have any sexual interest in you and I hate that it’s the assumption I’m going to.

  10. To be honest the ever-incessant call to have sex with just about any reasonably attractive person. It’s more pronounced in some than others and more active at certain times than others. I know women have desires and wants as well but there’s no way it’s as all consuming as it is for males. My sexual attitudes have changed a great deal over the years but one is steadfast men need to fuck.

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