Men of Reddit, what is having balls like?

Men of Reddit, what is having balls like?

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  1. Sometimes you forget you have them. Other times you guard them with your life when you see that you are getting in a situation where a nut shot is very likely.

    And if you shave them, you curse yourself for not keeping them hairless in the winter. For when the hairs start to grow back and are the prickly short length, it is extremely uncomfortable.
    As for the summer, if you shave them you pay you don’t have to peel them off your inner thigh.

  2. Fantastic when alls going well but if something is wrong…they are selfish. Want more attention than a crying baby. My liver could go hears in pain and will eat that shit. If someone twigs my berries then they will tell the whole body “shut up! Focus is on me now”

    Whether they’re too cold or warm, sticky, itchy, or especially if someone nicked them and you in that split second moment pray to whatever god you worship to just let this one not hurt. And that prayer is God’s kryptonite because it is NEVER answered.

  3. They’re a massive weakness more than anything. They’re also ugly as fuck. I am glad that they’re there though, women need to understand that they’re not truly overpowered by any man if you hit him where it hurts hard enough. I’m talking about when the situation calls for it, like sexual assault of some sort.

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