Men of Reddit, what is something you struggle to explain to women?

Men of Reddit, what is something you struggle to explain to women?

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  1. Men have feelings you shouldn’t assume every single man who exists is evil because you had a bad partner I’ve been with abusive women through most of my dating life but never have I thought the next girl who had an interest in me was going to be just like the rest

  2. Why is it that when we go on vacation, I have to prepare the car the day before, and that everything has to be perfectly optimized.

    Or why all men have an irrepressible need to dig a big hole at the beach

  3. how annoying the below situation is.

    woman: “it’s not enough that you’re doing the thing that i want you to do (which you don’t want to do), i want you to WANT to do the thing that you don’t want to do.”

  4. Just because I don’t want to respond to 100 texts a day from you doesn’t mean I don’t love you, just give the guy some space god damn. And that doesn’t mean you should do the thing where you start intentionally avoiding him while secretly really trying to see if there’s more to it than that, or just trying to test “how much would he miss me?”. We know what you’re doing and it’s hard to tell if we should be offended or weirded out by your lack of trust.

  5. That we have feelings and emotions we keep inside. Rejection of our personalities is an insult to me (us?). If you dont like me keep away. If you like me, accept me. I am not your project.

  6. My face does not equate my emotions. Stop overreaching and asking me if I’m okay every twenty minutes.

    That I can be with you and still be single and not be a default dick for wanting that arrangement. (Granted I’ve been quite open with the discussion)

    That I can tell you something slightly uncomfortable and mean it. (I like you and what we’re doing but hoping for a relationship is pointless and I don’t want to hurt you) (I’m going to game tonight but that doesn’t mean I don’t care about you)(I’m having a bad day and just wanna be alone, has nothing to do with you)

    That it’s severely annoying when I make recommendations for things to do and just hear “no” without their own recommendation.

    That asking me to open up is quite impossible because of other women.

    That we have internalized social norms despite working on reversing them.

  7. Having a penis n balls doesn’t mean I resist cold temperatures. POV your 140 lbs wearing a thin longsleved shirt and jeans in 30 degree weather *your cold? WHAT?? are u a woman*

  8. We have emotional scars bigger than yours but we don’t show it coz we now, nobody cares. In fact, a large number of women will despise us for having and showing them outwardly.

  9. That’s a bad situation man 🙁 I know I shouldn’t talk ill but maybe it’s good she’s your ex. If she was like that just from a seigh then I’d hate to think what else she was capable of. Sorry for you man

  10. If you say, what’s wrong? and I say, I’m stressed/overwhelmed/worried at work, it doesn’t mean I want to talk about it, or will feel better talking about it.

  11. How I can pay attention to only the food while I’m eating, no conversation, no TV, no nothing, just sitting there staring down at the food I’m eating.

    Also how I got in their house.

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