Men of Reddit, what is your opinion on tomboys?

Men of Reddit, what is your opinion on tomboys?

What do you think?

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  1. Tomboy are simply women that know what they like and aren’t afraid of pursuing their own interests.

    This should attract men that are comfortable with their manhood and scare away men that think of women by cultural stereotypes. You need new friends

    My wife can get dressed up but be just as hot in jeans swinging a wrench.

  2. I love em. Gimme a strong, smart tomboy, a self aware woman, a woman who has a veritable cornucopia of traits that societal orthodoxy would call *contradictory and unflattering* (because these traits do not fit into the stilted, narrow dogma that has become society’s definition of what is ‘feminine?’), but which I call sexy as FUCK: natural beauty that needs no artifice or pretense to be captivating; intelligence and the ability to think critically; total disregard for canned femininity, instead she embraces her own, which comes with independence & fearless embracing of nontraditional female activities, like she’s an athlete, strong, capable, she’s as comfortable with theoretical physics as she is with pounding a few beers and restoring her dad’s old 57 Chevy. She curses like a drunken sailor and writes poetry that sings..she’s a tomboy, and she’s 3,000% All Woman. What’s not to love?

  3. Depends. If you mean the badass stereotypical lesbian type that walks around as if she owns every place she goes to, that’s absolutely my type. If you mean those who style, dress and act like 15 y/o boys calling everyone bro, talking in post-modern adolescent slang and bragging that they only hang out with dudes, they’re not exactly my cup of tea.

  4. Depends on their style. I get along well with tomboys but I’m generally attracted to those with a more feminine appearance. But whether or not I find someone attractive is completely irrelevant to their happiness

    I also get along well with non tomboy. I guess my point is it doesn’t matter. If someone wants to be a tomboy or feels right as one, whatever.

  5. Um… tomboys are fun, I still like girls to be girly but tomboys feel like bros, they are comfortable to be around, that’s attractive. They tend to be athletic, that’s attractive. It makes the times they uncomfortably wear dresses or whatever super surprising and exciting – that’s attractive.

  6. My opinion would be in regards to an individual. Unable to generalize to the community of “tomboys” as a whole except to say I respect them so long as they’re respecting others.

    An attractive woman is an attractive woman. Sometimes they choose to wear different clothes or present themselves differently. Even the most physically attractive person can be perceived as ugly for their personality. An unconventionally attractive person may be exponentially more attractive because they’re just good to be around.

  7. Honestly these days I didn’t realize it was still a thing. I had a friend growing up in the 90s who had shorter hair than most girls, climbed trees well, played contact sports, happily played with my plastic soldiers and goldeneye 64 when she came over. It all seems a lot less “boys do this and girls do that” even since the early 2000s from my perspective.

  8. Tbh tomboy are the most funny type of girl I did know and I had a blast with them anyways so even if she ain’t my type I’m still gonna say that a girl is a girl and if she can makes me laugh I would be happy tbh

  9. I don’t like girly girls, so they’re pretty cool in my book. Not being afraid to get your hands dirty is a very attractive trait to me

  10. Well, I married one… so… good I guess? She grew up in the woods, isn’t drawn towards name brand clothes or shopping, doesn’t wear makeup, likes a good stout and steak, drives a Tacoma with big ‘ole tires, etc.

  11. Dated a red headed tomboy. She was cool as shit. Played video games together, concerts, etc

    As mentioned in the comments earlier on this post, she wasn’t afraid to show her own interest.

  12. I love a “Tomboy” because they share your interest in things like fishing, hunting, football and then they go and get all dolled for later too!!!!

  13. It can be a nice change of pace if you have been around non-energetic females to find 1 who is rowdy, exciting, and generally cool with whatever above a set bar you are made aware of

  14. I like them up to the point that they start dipping. You sound young best advice is like who you like and if they are your friends they will support you. True friends will speak up if they see any red flags not some petty BS.

  15. Who cares? Not my business what they’re fashion sense, hobbies and other assorted things are. As long as they’re not hurting anyone or breaking the law, crack on and have fun.

  16. The term is meaningless. Sexuality, gender, and interest are three completely different things. Boys like a but girls like b is stupid. Anyone can like whatever they want.

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