Men of reddit, what makes you cry?

Men of reddit, what makes you cry?

What do you think?


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  1. The end of Lord of the Rings when Aragorn tells the Hobbits, “my friends, you bow to no one.”
    Then he bows to them and everyone else follows.

  2. A lot makes me cry. I am a very sensitive person. Drama with my ex really fucked me up and has made me cry gallons. Sometimes things can just be too much to handle

  3. Lots of music. Several books and movies. Videos of people rescuing animals.

    Lots of stuff. Crying is therapeutic so I don’t go out of my way to avoid it.

  4. When I’m laying on the couch, head on my wife’s lap, and she’s lightly rubbing my back or running her fingers through my hair.

    Nobody else has ever just don’t that and it’s nice. Makes me cry.

  5. Leaves from the vine
    Falling so slow
    Like fragile tiny shells
    Drifting in the foam
    Little soldier boy
    Come marching home
    Brave soldier boy
    Comes marching home

  6. Most recently, and it’ll sound silly… the scene when Arthur meets his mom from Aquaman. I had a good time when I saw it the first time and I remember rewatching for the first time after my mom died. When she turns around and immediately recognized him, I just broke down.

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