Men of Reddit, what’s the most difficult thing to explain to women?

Men of Reddit, what’s the most difficult thing to explain to women?

What do you think?

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  1. When I’m asked what I’m thinking about and I say nothing, it’s because I’m usually thinking of something dumb like who would win a fight. Godzilla or Megatron?

  2. When you ask me what Im thinking about, and I occasionally say “nothing” im literally staring off into the middle distance and spacing out. Im not failing to share with you. Its like a mini reset button that takes 30 to 90 seconds to reboot the mainframe and stop a shutdown.

  3. Men try to fix their problems. Not just talk about how they feel about them.

    My wife: “ I have this problem”

    Me: “ well what if you tried…”

    My wife: “ I don’t want you to fix my problems! I just want you to validate my feelings “

    Why do they not want to fix their problems?

  4. When you ask me how my day was or what I did today, nothing in my day usually stands out as special, so I just dont remember. I usually dont remember what I do, I just live.

  5. Telling them they need to lose weight without hurting their feelings.


    Weight loss is often the clear solution to problems with health, dating, clothes shopping, etc., but women get enraged when you suggest the obvious.

  6. Blue balls do indeed exist and it’s not just like being horny. It fucking hurts. I’ve never used this to guilt someone into something they don’t want to do but it is 100% real. It can almost feel like being kicked in the balls.

  7. Men are 24/7 cum factories, constantly cranking out sperm like an sweat shop assembly line in China. If we don’t deliver a shipment in a reasonable amount of time, our personalities take a wild left turn and we are literally different people.

  8. That getting kicked in the balls actually hurts.

    I don’t like those comparisons with labour pain, but the women in my family claim that men are pussies because they have this idea that nothing beats labour pain.

  9. i think people should fuck first and than date afterwards that way sex isnt an issue in the relationship and you actually know how the person feels about you


    i think waiting for sex is just like holding the dick hostage and it’s gonna say whatever it can to get out

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