Men of Reddit, when have you faced sexism?

Men of Reddit, when have you faced sexism?

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  1. Went to the police station covered in blood after my then girlfriend stabbed me, I even drove a good 3 minutes there with recordings. They took the footage, told me I needed to man up, called medical services and didn’t do anything about her when she said that because I have autism i probably did it to myself, even though I clearly had stab wounds to my chest and arms…..That was when I was 18, im 20 now and I cant be around any women or I have anxiety attacks like im going to be stabbed again. It gets in my way at work, physical contact even with family even causes it. So add that with the fact I have ASD it gets worse because of sensory overload.

    I had already called police on multiple occasions, but because I didn’t have any footage and no proof, and I know for a fact if she stated that I hit her i would be in jail right now. She used that as a way to blackmail me until I had enough.

    I did however manage to get a restraining order recently after she showed up to my work and tried telling my supervisor that im a wife beater and a child molester. My supervisor and Co workers backed me up and it was probably the only time I’ve had a big smile on my face knowing her plan went to shit.

    Here is the other one, recently my older sister has sent my nephew over to me since he is on the spectrum, he is 9 years old and when im out in town with him people ask why I had a kid when I was very young. I ignore them the best I can because I want to spend time with him. He told me the other day he would much rather stay with me because I’m not loud, not letting him be “free” and trying to test him like his mother is, which for me was a big bonus because being with him the past 2 weeks so far has been an amazing experience for me while I try and get over my experiences still.

    Ah I also got him into flying drones and he is already pretty good for his age, it looks like we found a hobby together too which is really fun. I’m going to help him build one eventually.

    But anyways, basically if you are a man, and you are assaulted by your special other you are helpless, even if you walk into a police station covered in your own blood.

    As much as I really wanted to hit her the day I was stabbed, which is way out of character for me as I have never been aggressive growing up….. i wouldve been in prison for assaulting a woman.

    And if your a man and your out with a kid you are labeled a creep, pedophile, pervert, or in my case a really, really young dad… your fucked.

  2. Be a man,

    Go to the park, bring your child to let them play.

    Sit on a bench, watching your kid play with other kids.

    Have mothers stare you down like a hawk, because a man cant be seen watching their own kid play.

    Or “Oh look daddy is giving mommy a break.” Like Karen, my moms dead, my dad is the only parent I got. Surprise Surprise father’s ARE actually parents Karen.

  3. I’d take my kid to the playground. While sitting on the bench watching her play mothers would ask me if I had a child there and which one. I never saw them ask other mothers that question.

  4. My best of-list (not by my current gf):

    – „Why are you talking so funny? Be a man!“ (After just waking up in the morning I had a slightly higher-pitched voice.

    – after making ONE slightly sexual joke: „Oh, so you‘re like the rest of them after all.“

    – „Stop crying. It‘s not sexy.“

  5. I followed a reading group on Facebook, they started posting adverts in the form of “I really like this product *affiliate link*”. Where I (and this group) were, this kind of advertising can lead to fines, so I mentioned that and the group admin (I had no idea about the gender of who was running the group), went on about she’s been in the “blogging industry” for 7 years, and she knows what she’s doing and she doesn’t need a “sad internet man” giving her advice.

    I politely said that this rule was added in the last 12 months, and provided the link.

    She said “they’re obviously adverts so they’re covered, so stop mansplaining”.

    I’ve only seen the word “mansplaining” used for bullying. It’s a pretty useless word anyway, as we already have “condescending” and you can add your own colourful word at the end (“condescending prick”, for example)

  6. I almost went to jail because I pushed a girl in self defense, she pushed me first several times I got pissed and pushed her and she ended up on the floor, I got reported and was close to going to jail

  7. I’ll be deleting this shortly but a woman forced herself on me. I’ve been told I should have just tried to enjoy it, or blamed for it cos both of us were drunk, even though I just laid there and begged her to stop and she did everything. But I suppose cos I’m a man, it’s somehow my fault. I don’t even like women that way. That’s my contribution.

  8. I recently had a promotion taken away from me. One of the reasons that eventually came out was because “she was a single mom” and she needed the money more. The other reason was that “it looked good” to have a woman as leader in that position.

  9. A girl harassed me in high school to the point of physically grabbing me so I pushed her away. She ran to the teacher and claimed I had tried to touch her breasts and which apparently just nulls any fault of hers.

    More recently targeted gendered language against men like ‘mansplain’ or ‘manspeading’ has been used to justify treating me like a second class citizen and if I point out that such language is in of itself, sexist I get cookie cutter ‘oh man up and cope’ responses.

    And of course anything I’m in any way perceived as aggressive I get treated like I just broke into a cathedral and took a shit in that little bath they baptise kids in.

  10. On International Women’s Day, the supermaket I work at gave every female employee a rose. (That’s not the bad part) A co-worker from the department next to mine told me she is glad they are recognizing the fear she has to deal with when walking home every day because of people like us (me and the two guys I was closing with. They’re both very nice people) then walked off. I spent the rest of the day wondering what the fuck she was talking about and why she just thought “man=rapist”

  11. Uhm I had a manager try to ask me out for drinks and when I refused I got transferred. Crazy thing is it wasn’t because I didn’t like her but I’m just very boring and Yk the whole “don’t date co workers” thing.

  12. Teacher in my school openly said that boys lacked the emotional skills to do well in her class. Any boy who got more than 75/100 was accused of cheating and would have their grade docked. One time the girls in a class did especially bad in one of her tests so she claimed the boys must have been distracting the girls and assigned them all extra homework as punishment.

    She recommended several girls for advanced classes, most of whom had no business being there.

  13. at my old company I was part of the graduate scheme

    they wanted some of the higher achievers on the scheme to meet the CEO (very large company) and appear on some corporate news letter crap. The sort of stuff that grads think is important.

    They had the grads in a room to discuss it and were only picking women, despite some of the guys having better scores / progress. After we noticed this, one of the guys politely asked the HR representative if it was meant to be a women’s event.

    The HR woman hesitantly replied “it would look better if we sent women”. She then realised her mistake and called an end to the meeting.

    Completely killed any enthusiasm I had for the company and the grad scheme. I totally get that women have faced this kind of thing for decades and that’s wrong, but you don’t correct that by replacing one bias with another.

  14. If you own a penis in my country, you also owe a year of military service.

    We lose a year of our lives freezing on some random mountain on the borders, while women don’t even do something easier, like community service.

  15. I understand this might not have been everyone’s expressed but in elementary school, the boys were taught in a very different way than the girls. By that I mean the girls could do, say, and dress however they want while the boys had very strict guidelines. I did go to private school but I still know what they were doing was wrong.

    Boys were always forced to sit away from each other while the girls could pick where they wanted to sit. They got to pick their partners while the boys were assigned.

    The worst thing however was the fact the boys were not allowed to hit the girls, but the girls can hit the boys. It wasn’t written anywhere, but kids very quickly found out. It was bad.

  16. Recently, I think it was sexism anyway.

    Basically posted about unwanted attention from a girl who had tried for ages to woo me over but I just didnt see her like that unfortunately. It got to a point where she’d send and show me unwanted/unsolicited photos of herself in attempt to ‘seduce’ me.

    I was basically told (by a woman) that she saw a ‘problem’ with my treatment towards her (the girl I posted about) and that I **should** have reciprocated the attention?

    I just thought to myself.. if I were a girl – would I have been advised to reciprocate unwanted, potentially creepy attention from a man? Would she have seen the same ‘problem’? 🤷🏽

  17. 1: already in first grade (mid 90s), my maths teacher (a woman) gave good grades to all the girls and only bad grades to boys. She also singled me out and tried to put a “mentally disabled stamp” on me because I was pretty quiet.

    2: early 2000s: not sure if this is sexism or just a case of stupid, juvenile bitch. But a girl from my class acted as if she wanted to be with me, then laughed at me in front of everyone that I was so stupid.

    3: this one is going on right now. My female coworker that seemingly puts all her work on me. She doesn’t speak the national language (in an administrative position. Wondering how she got the job in the first place). Yet it’s her that HR (also female) keeps in the company.

    While searching for (office) jobs, I often see that the companies rather hire women. Of course, it has absolutely nothing to do with their gender. That would be against the law. /s

    What, boy? You hit a girl? Boys don’t hit girls! Shame on you! Deal with it verbally! / What, girl? You hit a boy? Well done!

    It’s also a mans job to bring the girl to fancy restaurants / other dates, to be romantic, to give massages, to cancel meetings with friends last minute and to give her an expensive ring and more. Everything a one-way-road, of course.

    Could write more, but don’t have the time.

    Edit: Also, if you have anything to say, please say it instead of just downvoting. If I were a woman and everything above was gender reversed, I surely would be upvoted to high heavens. The same with other replies here. I don´t seek upvotes or approval here. Just wanted to answer the question as well as I could. But apparently I should just shut- and man up?

    I see some replies in this thread as examples for the question of this thread.

  18. Applied for a job as a administrator/receptionist, was told that I would be perfect for the job by the recruiter but the company would only hire women for this position. Thought it was a joke, later learned from a friend that they hired a 19 year old girl with a high school diploma and no work experience. I got a fucking masters degree in business administration

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