Men of Reddit, you guys don’t get complimented enough, so what is something you wish people appreciated you for more often?

Men of Reddit, you guys don’t get complimented enough, so what is something you wish people appreciated you for more often?

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  1. A girl in high school unexpectedly complimented me by saying I have perfectly symmetrical eyebrows, something I never considered about myself and I never forgot that compliment

  2. I wish people said I looked nice once in a while. I’m not a great looking guy (very average), but when someone says ‘you look handsome today’ even if they probably don’t actually think it, makes me feel so good inside.

    Guys are pretty insecure about how we look too.

  3. Dear men, you are amazing just the way you are. If you want something, go for it. If someone is being a jerk to you, tell them off. You can do anything if you put your mind to it . Don’t let anyone take advantage of you. You got this you handsome thang. I’m here if you need to vent or just want to talk because you are smart, kind, and important. Don’t you ever forget that. Sincerely, a girl who is here to help a guy out.

  4. My beard. Once a guy at my college said he wished he had a beard like mine. He wasn’t even talking to me, he just pointed me out across the room while he was talking with the professor about not being able to grow a beard. That was almost six years ago and I haven’t gone more than two weeks without remembering it.

  5. Serious answer? My looks. I know I’m not ugly, and some days I feel like I’m teetering on “really good looking” and I’ve literally never, ever been complimented on my looks besides a) the woman I’ve been dating at the time, and b) my bros, who tell me how successful I could be with women if I wasn’t such a nervous wreck.

    Now I know that nervous energy is not attractive, but I’m only nervous in a flirtatious setting with new women who could be potential partners. I’m 100% comfortable with all of the women I know, and even then, it’s always crickets.

  6. It’s always appreciated to hear you are doing a good or great job and that your efforts are appreciated. That doesn’t always happen but hearing it helps a lot.

  7. Nobody has noticed how many books or chairs I can carry at one time since I was in school. It would be nice for someone to say i’m a strong boy.

  8. Creativity. I like to think I’m good at coming up with interesting stories or funny things to say in the moment. And as a general rule, people like being complimented on things they think they’re good at

  9. How I actually like to be clean and not be covered in grime like the stereotype. Honestly, seems like people are disappointed when I hate getting dirty.

  10. Absolutely nothing, I do not require compliments from people idgaf about to feel good about myself. Only opinion person should ever care about is opinion they have of themselves.

  11. More women need to appreciate the fact that if you take reproduction out of the equation men don’t need women for survival but women do need men for survival.

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