Men who did vasectomy on purpose, was it worth it? Is it better decision than buying condoms or trusting your partner?

Men who did vasectomy on purpose, was it worth it? Is it better decision than buying condoms or trusting your partner?

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  1. Yes. Yes and yes so far.

    It was uncomfortable and painful, but the worst was over in a day. It’s way better than condoms, every time is now finish inside time. My partner and I have two kids, that’s enough. As long as she doesn’t want more, all is good.

  2. I went for it I won’t go into about if it was painful etc but I produced a sample and it worked.

    I didn’t browse the Internet or look it up I heard a few stories good and bad though through friends however I went for it. Iv got 2 kids so that’s enough for me as I wana enjoy my later life.
    I done this bc I didn’t want my partner to get her tubes tied as this is even a bigger operation for them. Life is easier tbh no condoms and she can come off the pill and let her body be natural.

    If your young think about it before getting it done they would advise you anyways.

  3. getting a vasectomy isn’t really an alternative to trusting your partner so much as an acknowledgement that all birth control can fail and two levels are less likely to fail than one

  4. I got a vasectomy a few months ago. It was basically painless. Recovery wasn’t bad at all, just sat on an ice pack for a couple days and I was never really sore at all. Got checked recently and I’ve got no viable swimmers. If you are either done having kids or don’t ever want them I’d definitely recommend it.

  5. Just so you’re aware, if you ever want kids. Vasectomy is not really the option. They are only technically reversible, but you shouldn’t expect that reversal to succeed.

  6. I like to sling one up a girl from time to time, no holes barred, raw dog 100. Peace of mind 100. Sleep well knowing I’ll never have an orgasm which grows a face.

  7. I am married, and have already had my kids.

    Vasectomy for me is safer and easier than a tubal ligation for my wife. I had it done on a Friday, spent the weekend on the couch with ice, and was back to work on Monday.

    She was able to go off the pill, which was nice. *”The main risks associated with the combined pill are: An increase in your blood pressure. An increase in your risk of blood clots. An increase in your risk of breast cancer and cervical cancer – it’s thought that 10 years after you stop the pill, your risk of these cancers will have returned to normal.”* Her family has a history of cancer, so dropping one more factor also made a difference.

    We didn’t mind condoms, but certainly preferred not needing them anymore.

  8. My husband had one a little over a year ago! He offered so I could get off birth control (it was affecting my health…mentally and physically)! Best decision ever. I should add we are childfree by choice!

  9. worth it

    just a huge piece of mind

    partner discovered that they didn’t like the feeling (of the stuff) so much, so we still do the pull-out method

  10. Got it, wish I had sooner. The operation was quicker than visiting my GP for a sniffle. Been tested 6 months and 1.5 years after, and have a zero count.


    Know that unsure feeling at times after an oopsie that keeps the population thriving? Never again, and if feels fucking fantastic.

  11. A simple procedure and totally worth it however if you have trust issues I’d question if you would get 3 negative samples before you’re going your separate ways.

  12. *On purpose*?

    Anyhow, yes and **hell yes**.

    Trust is a funny thing, it’s worth it until it isn’t. What I mean by this is that you feel fine and dandy as long as your trust isn’t violated, the moment that happens all hell comes loose as the consequences are too life changing. You can have a funny tale later down the road about “that one crazy ex” if you’re lucky enough to catch her red handed opening holes to your rubbers; but if you don’t and later find “a blessing”, it won’t be funny at all for anybody involved except maybe for the mates that may have warned about that crazy gal but weren’t listened to.

    Gotta ask yourself: how important to you is it to not have children at all, ever? If you’re anything like me then it is the #1 most important thing, relationships be damned. But not everyone thinks like this, I personally find nuts the amount of people who are so afraid to end up alone that would let their arms be twisted at the prospect of having children they didn’t want, or be Stockholm Syndrome’d into “loving” their children in public, but to each their own.

  13. Did it time ago, my wife wasnt so comfortable to take the pill with all the hormones and side effects any longer, other things like condoms or spiral wasnt our thing.
    We have 2 great kids, family planing was finished and so I decided to take over.
    Easy thing, 20 minutes, done.
    2 weeks no unprotected sex and thats it. No more risks of “oops forgot the condom or it broke” , but more important, no more hormones for my wife. She was feeling greater then ever.
    All women I talked to were very proud of me, and I got a lot of offers. Think because its so uncomplicated now. 😀
    Sex is great, the cumshot the same…. so yeah, It was so worth it.

  14. I got one because my wife and I decided 2 kids was all we were gonna have. The procedure was painless, sat on peas for a few days however I’m not sure what happened but things got “tangled up” down there and for the first 2 days any slight movement was excruciatingly painful. I couldnt sleep because I toss and turn. Finally on the 3rd day my daughter wanted to sit on my lap, climbed up, and BAM accidentally heeled me right in the jiblets. I cried from the pain but once it subsided, all was well.

  15. Not a man but I had a bilateral salpingectomy to have my tubes removed and it was WAY better than trusting my birth control or condoms. If you definitely don’t want kids then go for the gold champ.

  16. My wife had two c sections. I figure the vasectomy isn’t as bad as all of that. Birth control messed with her hormones for years, and I know condoms break. This is what I consider to be the responsible decision for myself. If you ARE getting a vasectomy make sure you get the Valium before hand. They never gave me mine and I felt akward as I was being operated on. It didn’t hurt, nothing feels different, but I did hurt myself by lifting too much too soon, all that happened was some light swelling and bruised testicle for a day.

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