mental health check, how’s everyone doing?

mental health check, how’s everyone doing?

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  1. worse. Every day i get a panic attack before school starts. I don’t feel welcomed there and people talk about me behind my back, even my “friends”. I would really like to make feel them guilty what they’re doing to me by ending it all some day(my life) damn it sounds so weird

  2. Not gonna lie, I’m (20) actually doing better. I had a near death experience In December. Since then I’ve gotten my shit together. Stopped doing drugs, got a full time job w benefits, started investing, got a new car, started working out, got a gf. Im not trying to flex by any means: but my point is that if I can get through my dark spot, you all can too, we just need some support and encouragement. Love y’all, have a good day

  3. Fired from my dream job, no money, hit a deer, GF cheated on me, family tells me I’m a bum even though I am actively pursuing and interviewing for jobs + somehow keeping up on my bills, Psychiatrist can’t find meds that work on me, can’t stop drinking because its the only thing that makes me feel okay, but drinking ends up causing pain afterwards, mental health is becoming increasingly darker as each day goes on, no one to talk to because every person I open up to tells me to grow up and be a man

    I’m fine I guess

  4. Had a knee surgery (itb release) in February and now the pain is worse than ever meaning I had the surgery and recovery for nothing. Going to a different physiotherapist next week and maybe shockwave therapy

  5. The thread I’m hanging by is alarmingly thin. But, I’m doing my best to keep chuffin’ along. I got out of bed this morning, wrote in my journal and am getting ready to do some yoga. The most proactive day I’ve had in a while. One day at a time.❤️

  6. Turned in my notice as work, that’s always emotional. Just looking forward to a the new gig. I feel like both sides just knew here wasn’t for me, but 20 months being paid to hang on Reddit is pretty cool.

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