Millennials of Reddit, what does the younger generation do that makes you shake your head like a puzzled/disapproving Boomer?

Millennials of Reddit, what does the younger generation do that makes you shake your head like a puzzled/disapproving Boomer?

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  1. I think this may apply to also Millenials as well as Gen X and boomers, but the younger generation is being hit hardest because it’s all they know.

    There is this inability to communicate with other people face to face. So many people just want to hide behind screens anymore, it’s actually kind of scary. More and more I’m meeting people who can’t hold a conversation, can’t communicate their wants, needs, and feelings and don’t like interacting with actual human beings. Then they call themselves “introverts” and act like that justifies the bizarre behavior. That’s not being an introvert, that’s being completely anti-social. Which is ironic because this has been totally brought on by social media (and exacerbated by the pandemic lockdowns). It’s worrying to me because people are becoming so cold and uncaring, critical and unforgiving. It’s made me cut down my social media presence by a lot, and more as time goes on.

  2. I was fairly recently a manager, and it honestly just felt like the new people coming in were just getting dumber and dumber.

    Not sure if that counts though, so I’ll say tik tok dances.

  3. they prop up social media platforms that really aren’t all that different from the social media platforms that they made go out of style. The only reason they really did this is so that they could make everyone build their social media status from scratch, and they wouldn’t have to deal with millennials having a head start.

  4. I don’t understand the appeal of Fortnite and other fad battle royale games, I just don’t. But fortunately, we can still bond through Minecraft.

  5. The need to be different now that the “oppressor” group is hated and the “oppressed” are beloved. Focusing their identity on labels related to mental illness, sexuality, etc. To be anything but straight and white. Like white girls who live in a 500k house with their parents but need to sound oppressed so they identify as queer, mixed race 🙄, chronic mental illness, etc. It’s like whoever can be the biggest outcast fits in the most.

  6. Somehow despite being the generation that literally grew up basically being raised by technology most of them have absolutely no idea of how to get around it or fix even the most basic issues when something goes wrong

  7. My kids will sit for hours and watch someone else play a video game online. They don’t really care to play it themselves. They’re just happy to watch someone else do it.

  8. NOTHING. There’s nothing they do that baffles me. They’re doing great with the world they’re given, and I’ll never be a closed minded boomer in any aspect of my life. I’m damn determined to be better for them than the boomers were to me.

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