Moshpit vets of Reddit: got any tips on how to survive one while at a metal concert?

Moshpit vets of Reddit: got any tips on how to survive one while at a metal concert?

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  1. Show respect. There was a fundamental rule back when I used to mosh, if you came up on a woman in the pit, you did not under any circumstances, hurt her. She was untouchable. Also, if someone fell in a mosh pit, the rule is you pick that person up. Always. This is true for any and all metal shows.

  2. There are lots of thrash metal songs that cover the pit. Exodus Toxic Waltz, Anthrax Caught In A Mosh and DRI Thrashard are three popular ones.

  3. Keep your arms up above your waist when space is tight: if there’s a crowd crush you don’t want your hands pinned to your side.
    Be good and use deodorant beforehand. If you sweat a lot, for the love of all that’s good, don’t go shirtless.
    Always be looking for anyone who falls and pick them up right away.
    If someone is punk moshing (where they’re just out to inflict damage on people) use your elbows when they rush in to remind them not to fuck with you.
    Use zipper pockets so you don’t lose your shit, and keep your shoes well tied.
    Don’t take getting hit personally: you have to expect some pain.
    And above all, rock on.

  4. Actual metal pits are just dudes standing there headbanging. Just keep your eyes down or you’ll get some dudes greasy hair in your eyeballs.

    Pop metal is where dudes are throwing punches and shit. Never understood throwing punches in the pit.

  5. Don’t be the guy that wildly flails their arms about, there’s always one. Don’t wear flip flops, you’ll have a bad time. I somebody falls, help them up. If you’re not feeling up to it, simply don’t get in the pit.

  6. Keep your arms at your waist

    Be considerate, help people who’ve fell

    Stay away from people who are swinging their arms and shit, they dont know what they’re doing

  7. I’ve been to a metal concert but never in the pit btw, so I figure I would ask so that way if I indeed go to another and get the floor that way I know what to expect

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