MTV Generation (1980-mid90’s), what music video shocked you, blew your mind, or made you say wtf?

MTV Generation (1980-mid90’s), what music video shocked you, blew your mind, or made you say wtf?

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  1. Jamiraquai – spelled wrong I’m sure. But yeah , virtual insanity music video was wildddd

    I recall Sugar Rays video for Fly was insane for 90’s

    Michael Jackson’s black or white was crazy as well

  2. I Would Do Anything For Love – Meatloaf. November Rain made it clear that 10 minute music videos were viable, but Meatloaf’s over the top video eclipsed it with it’s larger than life style.

  3. I asked this because I was listening to my mix this morning when “Safety Dance” from Men Without Hats came on and I suddenly remembered the video and how I was thinking “WTF is this??” when I saw it (I was about 14).

  4. I think it was Take on Me, where it’s done in pencil drawn animation w live action interaction. It was amazing to me at the time and frankly still holds up.

  5. Runaway Train by Soul Asylum. I knew the song was about a situation out of control, but the video… That was a whole different strata of what I was thinking.

  6. Billie Jean – Michael Jackson.

    It looks pretty basic now, but at the time it was groundbreaking. Also at the time you never saw a black artist on MTV. People forget that in the early days MTV were shamefully prejudiced towards black artists/music.

  7. Thriller. I remember when the video first came on and my dad was watching it and we thought it was a cool horror movie and when Michael Jackson started dancing, my dad was like “Fuck this shit” and he turned it off. Me and my sisters started screaming “Put it back on!” and he refused. Luckily, they played that video like 3 times an hour when it first came out.

  8. Revolting Cocks – Do ya think I’m sexy? It was waaaaaay too much over the top for me at the time. Might go back and watch it sometime, probably not. I’m commenting about it so someone else can deal with it.

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