Night shift workers of reddit, what is your scariest experience while working?

Night shift workers of reddit, what is your scariest experience while working?

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  1. Was walking on my way to work around half 9pm, some dude in a hoodie took a photo of me from across the street, he didn’t realise the flash was on. He panicked and ran. So yea probably gonna get sold into slavery soon

  2. There has been a schizo wandering the local convenience stores at night, and he found mine. Long story short, he took advantage of my hospitality and came all over the bathroom that i was kind enough to let him use (not for customers), after wandering the store making weird noises and laughing and yelling randomly for like 3 hours. Was scary for me anyway. I still feel dirty from having to clean up his cum, and also wonder what else he was doing while wandering the store. The sheriff came in at his usual time that morning and was like: “YOU!” and I knew that guy was bad news and I was lucky tonight.

  3. Some crackhead broke into our facility and found a fire axe and was trying to break down a door with it to gain entry. I had to subdue him with a folding chair and pin him down with it until the police could arrive.

  4. Was working at a copper mine in central Nevada. On a dark summer night i was told to go down into the bottom of the pit we were digging to fuel our diesel shovel. For reference its about a 10 minute drive from the top of the pit to the bottom. Anyways. Nobody was working in that pit, so i was the only person at the bottom of that pit while fueling. A few weeks earlier we had dug up old mineshafts from the early 1900’s. So the whole time i was fueling I felt like i was being watched by someone or something. I was instinctually looking over my shoulder every few seconds. I’m not a small person, I’m 6’5 and was about 300lbs. But i felt something malicious was watching me the whole time.

  5. Been working my shift at the local bakery. Honestly, my answer only qualifies because it happened to be a night shift. I worked there for 3 days, and we’ve been making pastries, doughnuts, croissants etc.

    The cleaner just mopped the floor with a really old, disgusting, stinky rag. Like a piece of a potato sack. Honestly, it was more of making the floor dirtier rather than cleaning it. And next moment i dropped a piece of dough on the floor. It was still wet, stinky, disgusting, with our dirty boot prints and threads that fell from that old rug. Naturally, i picked up the dough i dropped, now wet and dirty as well, and was heading to a trash bin to throw it away, but the woman working next to me yelled “stop! we don’t waste the dough!”, grabbed it from me and ADDED IT TO HER DOUGH HE HAD ON HER TABLE.

    I was dumbstruck. She fucking used the dough from wet, dirty and stinky floor to make someone’s doughnut. I nearly threw up just thinking about it. That was really my scariest experience – it happened 12 years ago, and i still don’t buy anything from bakeries – i either bake myself or avoid bakery products like plague.

  6. 4 guys that break into an dackser warehouse full of alkohol. and then go crazy because they got spottet 3 seconds in the warehouse… started throwing bottles and tried to steal a forklift to get out of the whole situation.

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