Night shift workers, what’s the creepiest thing that’s happened?

Night shift workers, what’s the creepiest thing that’s happened?

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  1. I was alone in an arena doing security. I had to avoid our exhibit area and the back line hall way because it always sounded like there were high heels following you (probably the hvac). One of our elevators randomly opened almost every time I walked by, it was towards the end of my rout when doing my hourly walk around the building so it freaked me out enough I only went up stairs if I had to. I had some lighting work to do so I was about 40 feet in the air when something caught the corner of my eye. I look over at our balcony area that only has one way in and out, and next to one of the seats I swear I saw someone crouched down staring at me. One of my coworkers had been known to tell ghost stories about the place so I was sure it was him. For the next hour I kept seeing the person moving around and “hiding” in different areas of the balcony and I swear I heard stifled laughter. I had shouted that I could see them and that I “knew” who it was. So this time when I did my hourly lap I did the building as though and quietly as I could, what had previously taken 15 minutes tops was now taking me 2 hours. I started with that damn balcony, I even boobie trapped the elevator so I could hear someone trying to get by and snuck up the fire escape. There is no possible way someone was up there and I didn’t cross paths with them. To this day I swear he was there to mess with my head but can’t figure out how he got passed me to leave the balcony.

  2. Not on work, but while going there…

    The dynamo of my bike fell off, and I had to continue on several kilometers almost without seeing anything, in total darkness, knowing there was a canal a few meters from me. Good thing that wet grass shines differently than asphalt at night… And occasionally, some bats also flew right in my helmet (apparently, these fuckers can’t detect a guy on his bike traveling at 20mph)

  3. I was a security guard, keeping watch on a fairly remote office building. On my first outdoor round, I come across this guy who had taken a patio chair from the north entry and set it up on the west side of the building — the side with no exterior lighting for some fucking reason.

    So, I stop to tell him that he’s on private property and will have to move along, he chats a bit while I’m trying to keep my light on him and not piss myself. He’s going on about his story, explaining why he’s walking, asking where he can find a bus station, etc. Then, he reaches into his bag and I think “so this is it, this is the stupid way I’m going to die, because there’s going to be a gun in there.”

    He was just putting a few things back, and left without incident. Me, I got to call the site manager and write up the report.

  4. Not really scary or even a story but I used to work in a clothes store and occasionally had to help over night to merchandise etc. There would only be a few of us for a pretty big store and you’d occasionally be sent into the stock room, a pretty big room with lots of dark isles, very quiet and far from the shop floor.

    It was lit with motion activated lights and had no windows so every now and again if you were there too long the lights would turn off and you’d be in pitch black until you could find your way to the entrance door, wave your hands around and get the lights back on.

    One time the lights turned back on and I didn’t hear a door open and I wasn’t anywhere near the sensor. Nope didn’t like that one bit.

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