Non-Americans of Reddit, what’s something someone can say that indirectly screams “I’m an American?”

Non-Americans of Reddit, what’s something someone can say that indirectly screams “I’m an American?”

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  1. The way American tourists dress is instantly identifiable. Baseball caps, sunglasses, a gigantic backpack filled with everything under the sun, water bottle – they dress like they’re going on a hike for a city holiday.

  2. Saying they went to Europe, know how things are there, when they were at London or Madrid. Or just simply claiming they know all of Europe and they can’t even name a country in the east

  3. Thinking it’s normal to have your front door come directly in your living room and wear your shoes inside on carpets but then have an inexplicable urge to decorate the room you shit in with a “beachy theme”

  4. A conversation about tipping…

    A tip is appreciated in the rest of the world, but people in the hospitallity industry here (Europe and specifically The Netherlands) make a decent living while serving you a meal or coffee. Decent enough not to be dependent on tips.

  5. Subtle things give it away. But here’s one:
    Pronouncing Z as “zee”.

    A few more: Using commas to break up large numbers when most countries use periods instead. Also, the way we pronounce/spell a certain element. “Aluminum” instead of “aluminium”

  6. “Hey this guy’s from London”

    No, no I didn’t say that, I said I live in England.

    Geography as a whole.

    Americans would states, ‘Paris, France’. Anyone else would just say ‘Paris’.

    Now I know America has many places named after European cities which does excuse but nonetheless it is a telltale sign of an American.

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  7. Expecting to be able to pay American currency in another country. Getting mad when the currency given back in a foreign country is not American dollars (and therefore worth less).

    Source: worked in city with a lot of cruise ship tourists. Happened all. the. time. we actually would accept american money (an extreme courtesy imo), but didn’t have american change to give back.

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