Non Americans. What does the United States do right?

Non Americans. What does the United States do right?

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  1. I’m not going to be snarky or sarcastic. Here are some proper things the US does right coming from a non-American.

    * *Every* (literally) American I’ve met has been very energetic and optimistic. They have always been friendly and very polite. Very fun people to be around.

    * NASA. In many other countries, it would be seen as a waste of money and dismantled by short-sighted politicians.

    * National parks. There’s amazing natural beauty.

    The anti-American circlejerk on Reddit is exhausting. I swear half of the people posting this rubbish have never had an original thought in their life.

    EDIT: Here are some more:

    * Confidence. Not a great example but compare how much /r/YUROP talks about America to how much /r/MURICA talks about Europe. Americans don’t feel the need to constantly compare themselves to other countries as a yardstick.

    * Can-do hardworking people. Plenty of successful Americans started from absolutely nothing and worked their way up.

    * If you live in the USA, you have a quality of life that’s better than what the richest people in the world could only have dreamed of 150 years ago. You have a standard of living immeasurably better than kings and queens from most of history.

    * Individual freedoms. The fact that basic rights like freedom of speech and freedom of assembly are so ingrained in the American consciousness. The idea that everything is permitted except what is forbidden and not the other way around.

    * Cowboy hats.

  2. I once met a guy in Finland who did census work for the Finnish government. He told me he admired America’s “institutions,” but also that our census methods were really bad.

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