Non-americans, what is strange about america ?

Non-americans, what is strange about america ?

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  1. Every state has their own language and own culture. Different areas of the country are basically like different countries. Alabama is nothing like Vermont lol so on and so forth.

  2. Healthcare. I don’t understand why there aren’t riots in the streets to do something about universal healthcare, especially as it seems the majority of Americans seem to straight up avoid engaging with any healthcare service as much as possible even when absolutely needed.

  3. That your kids basically swear an oath of fealty to your flag every morning from the age of (I assume) 5…

    Folks, that’s not “Land of the Free” behaviour; that’s totalitarian dictatorship behaviour.

  4. I was in Los Angeles many years ago and I found all the customer service super polite and friendly to the point it seemed unnatural. I reflected on it for ages, wondering if this constant “yes sir, yes ma’am” smiley subservient approach to customers could result in entitled adults. It seemed unhealthy. Unnatural. Then a little virus came along and the internet filled with videos showing entitled, tantrum-throwing American adults showing their true colours.

  5. Americans treat bagged milk like the anti-christ.
    In the countrys that I’ve been, which are Canada and Brazil, they are treated normally, and they are quite delicious if you like sweets

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